Oh, No, I Said Too Much

Last Update: April 12, 2020

Happy Easter?? Well, depends on what your definition of "happy" is.

I thought that holidays (does your birthday count?) were meant to be celebrated with SOMEBODY you loved or cared about. In my case, this is just another holiday that finds me sitting and lying at home alone. Is this my "fault?" No, I really don't think so.

There simply isn't one person I can call or go to, to celebrate anything. No family member. No friend. Not even a roommate or companion of any kind.

I can't come close to counting the number of times I have celebrated any holiday or even a birthday with a single human-being. No, nearly every year, when the big holiday rolls around, I've been out on the street, in a homeless shelter, in a locked psychiatric ward, or roach infested apartment with no furniture except for a mattress on the floor.

The end can't come soon enough for me. For those of you who are shaking their head or laughing nervously, I don't care. One thing I've learned in life for sure. Many times, if you tell somebody else nothing but the truth, you discover it would have been better to have just keeped your mouth shut.

Now that I've gotten those thoughts out of my head and off my chest/back, let me quickly bring this post to a close.

There's something very sad or tragic about a country or people who prefer fiction over fact or fantasy over reality.

As I was told a long time ago, you can choose to ignore the facts or reality. When reality and the truth hits you right up against your head or in the ass, I guarantee you it is going to HURT!

Anybody who thinks affiliate marketing is an internet marketing model that is perfect, better think again. NO internet marketing model is perfect. None is without its own unique drawbacks.

I recently published a post that quoted a study by an online advertising agency that said almost half of the affiliate marketers they studied/polled were making less than $20,000 a year. That's ridiculous. Ridiculous to think that any job paying you that much is going to lead to you becoming wealthy any time soon, if at all.

There is also the fact that affiliate marketing is an intensely crowded or competitive field to be in. Sure, there are the legitimate super-affiliates who are earning six and seven figures a year. The only problem is how very small a minority they are in.

As an affiliate marketer, your blog or website is going to be competing with billions of web(blog)sites online and hundreds of millions of other affiliate marketers.

You want an "upside?" Fine. Read this excellent article which might give you a boost.

The link is at: https://hostingtribunal.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-stats/#...

Now, enjoy yourselves and don't say I didn't share anything good or positive with you. Everybody can't always have their rose-colored sunglasses on. Not everybody always thinks the glass is always half-full.

May peace be with you in these troubled times.


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megawinner Premium
Hey Craig, you can talk much as long as you limit on politics and religion and on sex You will enjoy doing so. Friends, great ones are waiting for you. Cheers!
CraigBarnes Premium
I'm not sure what you mean. I don't think my post hammered anybody on politics, religion, or sex. I also know I'm not the only member who has discussed personal issues or details in their post(s). Any way, stay safe and well. Maybe I'll still be around when the situation improves and we can start getting back to normal.

megawinner Premium
Surely, you haven't done anything touching match on the 3 things. It's just writing the guidance. I sometimes have to remind myself as well. You are doing great, I must say.

By the way, our online business is the same as the traditional business it is mercilessly competitive. We must sharpen our tools so to speak to be above the average.

To be part of the 2-5% success story. It is not easy but it is possible we can make it. Patience, proper work ethics, focus, and perseverance are the attitude or character we must apply as part of our "tools" in achieving our ultimate goals - Financial Freedom, well, at least for me.

I pray and hope everything will go back to "normal" the way we used to do. Stay safe, Craig. Have a great day.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
HAPPY Easter, Craig! For this brief post, I have shared it with you, my friend!

As for affiliate marketing, it's a good thing that I make decent money in my regular business! I am truly blessed, but I love WA and the vibrant community therein--YOU included!

I think what I'm learning here will tie-in nicely with what i already have going on, and the friends I am making here are priceless!

Stay safe, my friend!

AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Craig, the thing with WA is that we'll have a point of connection with the online world; it is good to be part of a tribe.

At this time, I feel for folks that are navigating this crisis by themselves, and also for folks that are trapped in isolation with people that they don't get on with.

If we look at online business and offline business 80 % live from one sales week to the next.

The key can be to look at our situations and work to make things better, by reaching out and obtaining and implementing knowledge we can tip the scales in our favor.

I see so many, people saying how easy things are, inspection tells me they are blowing hot air.

Thank you for sharing that resource very leveling and real food for thought. We are all doing our best.

Take care and stay safe.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Happy Easter, Alex! Stay safe!