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July 11, 2020
All right; first things first. Once again, I don't know what the _&^F(*_^ is going on. For almost half an hour, every time I have tried to insert an image I get this message: "Oh no, we had trouble processing your image. Please try again in a few moments or try another image." Well, oh yes, I have been trying a different image again and again without being able to get past WA's problem. There, and yes, I DO feel better getting that off my chest. Now on to something much more positive. Hones
April 12, 2020
Happy Easter?? Well, depends on what your definition of "happy" is. I thought that holidays (does your birthday count?) were meant to be celebrated with SOMEBODY you loved or cared about. In my case, this is just another holiday that finds me sitting and lying at home alone. Is this my "fault?" No, I really don't think so. There simply isn't one person I can call or go to, to celebrate anything. No family member. No friend. Not even a roommate or companion of any kind. I can't come close to cou
I honestly don't know where to start. Let's just say that I have compiled a spectacular, individual record of constantly FAILING! The worst thing is all I have listened to my entire life, since the beginning, are people telling me things like "Thanks, but no thanks." in so many different ways. It has all amounted to the same thing. Madness. Isolation. Pain. Sickness. Deprivation and starvation. Nothing seems to make a difference in my life. How many times I've seen people recoil in horror or fe
Funny thing about facts. They are real and they don't care if you don't like them. They don't listen to you and don't change the way you want them to. They exist apart from and independent of your opinions or beliefs. Get your facts straight FIRST before you try to change them. Reality sure can be a cruel b***h. Get over it. Reality lives offline, in the real world. Where people actually live, breathe, and relate. Virtual reality sure does s*** and isn't even real.Just my opinion, pun intended.
April 02, 2020
There is a very old saying in professional sales and marketing. It says that the great maority of prospects and customers are tuned in to a radio station called "WIIFM" or What's In It For Me?Put another way, THE most important or critical question you must be able to answer from any prospect or even customer is: "Why should I do business with you?" or "Why should I choose your business when I want to buy ..."If you can't answer that question, especially online, they will be gone before you eve
Time to desperately try to not think of how much time, money, and effort I have put into affiliate marketing. Time to stop the insanity and admit I'm out of money and hope. Can't afford renewal. Bye and good luck to all; don't think I'll be back again. Have tried that more than once and still couldn't make any headway. Money constantly going out and none coming in.
March 31, 2020
It's the inequality that's damaging and destroying many lives. The rich have grown so enormously wealthy it is almost beyond belief to many people, including myself. Then there are the chronically homeless and unemployed. The social misfits and outcasts. The pariahs, despised and avoided. Those who are broken up and wasted inside. Mentally and emotionally shot. A dead spirit and shell of a person wandering aimlessly.A million dollars in net worth used to be what many people thought was a person
The image says it all. We're still a long way from getting back to "normal" life. I sincerely hope that some of you are coping far better than I am. Being even more socially isolated is the last thing in the world I need, now. Actually, to be honest, I was nearly completely socially isolated before the outbreak started.I think I am totally screwed and will remain so until the day I am finally gone. No more worries then about how horrible I feel or lonely I am. Here is the link for another excel
The great TV celebrity chef, Julia Child, is the author of the above quote. To say that she was a great success would be an incredible understatement. Few people would be able to match the brilliant passion she displayed for many years doing what she loved.Wait a minute! Look at her quote again and notice she didn't say all that mattered to her was passion! No, she also credited her interest as one of the main foundations of her success.This is exactly what I was talking about in a recent post.
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