Failure Is MY Strongest Skill!

Last Update: April 05, 2020

I honestly don't know where to start. Let's just say that I have compiled a spectacular, individual record of constantly FAILING! The worst thing is all I have listened to my entire life, since the beginning, are people telling me things like "Thanks, but no thanks." in so many different ways.

It has all amounted to the same thing. Madness. Isolation. Pain. Sickness. Deprivation and starvation. Nothing seems to make a difference in my life. How many times I've seen people recoil in horror or fear, saying, "It's true, you have the worst case of bad (rotten) luck I've ever seen. I can't believe it, but just stay far the hell away from me!"

So, speaking of hell, let me finish this post by sharing the tip of the iceberg by listing my major strengths that I have abundant evidence of.

I think in the history of mankind, not one person has had so much to share, but could simply not find anybody interested. So much for the giving being more important than the receiving.

Our prolonged isolation and inactivity has begun to deeply frustrate and hurt many, many people. The old saying of "reach out and touch or help somebody" definitely isn't happening any place, any time soon.

As I said in my introduction, I'd like to share some of my major strengths in terms of passions, interests, skills, knowledge, and experience. Seriously. Here we go.

The following passions in my life are so much more. The ones I will share now are also keen interests of mine, as well as being legitimate interests and skills that I have. Actually, they all are also passions, interests, skills, knowledge, and experiences I have too.

MS Windows 10 and Office

MS Project

Tutoring - have achieved outstanding results at college-level in English and Math in particular. Also in Windows 10 and Office apps.



Casino Blackjack and Craps





Road Bicycling




Western Natal Astrology





and a lot more, but these are the biggest ones for me now.

Incredible, like I said, to think that I haven't made a dime or dollar working for myself or anybody else with ANY of these passions, interests, or skills. It also hasn't mattered where or how long or how hard I've tried.

No, the feedback from the outside world has been one of ridicule and contempt.

Not ever good enough.

The invisible man, still sitting alone and feeling the frustration and rage going crazy inside me again. So old, lonely, and tired.

Over and out.


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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
A lot of positive things there in that list, Craig!

Keep pushing forward and use those stellar writing skills to drive your success, my friend!

One character trait that you seem to have is that you NEVER give up! That is, perhaps, the most important of all!

Keep on keeping on, my friend! 👍👍

CraigBarnes Premium
Glad we've met and hope our relationship, even if only online, will be positive and long-term. You keep up the good/great work, too, my friend.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I'll certainly do my best, Craig! Keep doing what you do, and be safe! I believe it will be a positive and long term online relationship!

JohaneG Premium
This is great and attitude. I salute you.
Fiona13 Premium
Thank you for sharing your achievements and frustration Craig please keep in mind that there is always good coming out of negative. All the best !