My first 5 weeks at Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: June 15, 2017

About three years ago I dabbled in starting my own website. But I had no experience. I had no support. I had no direction. I had no community. So after a month or so I gave up. It became more of a source of frustration than a source of satisfaction. My interest dwindled, I worked on it less and less... until one day I forgot about it altogether.

Fast forward three years. I've quit my job, moved states, bought a new place, decided against interviewing for another typical day job and signed up here, at Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to breathe life back into an old dream. And I couldn't be more pleased! During my time here I've accomplished (what I feel) is SO much! Here I have found support, direction and the most important - community. In the past five weeks I've gained more experience than I really thought possible and made headway with my website that I never really thought I could in such a short time.

And you know what I did? I looked up my old website. And it's still there, chillin out with no friends in a lonely lonely area on the world wide web, where even it's creator had forgotten about it. But that's what happens when you buy a domain, have zero experience, have no idea what you're doing and no one to ask. Shot in the dark, that's what I took. And I missed miserably.

My new website is loads better, more interactive and easier to navigate. I'm building out my social networking (Which I had no idea how to do before) and every time I have an issue -- and I mean EVERY TIME, all I have to do is hop over into the Live Chat. There's always someone there, and if they happen to not know of a solution for my problem, guess what? I just send in a ticket to Support which always get back with me within practically minutes. Here at Wealthy Affiliate someone always has my back, and that's an amazing feeling. A pooling of ideas and experience is always ready to be tapped into.

The training is state of the art - really. I literally feel like someone is taking my hand and just leading me through what would be a maze if I were on my own. And I LEARN, I'm not just following the motions. I can't believe how much information I've absorbed and retained during the past few weeks. I've bought a domain, became an affiliate, posted my first reviews, been indexed with Google, learned about (and used) Plug-ins and Widgets, targeted my audience, linked my website to social media, and literally so much more.

I'm excited, ambitious, motivated, and thankful. Just wanted to share my progress with other members, or those who were considering becoming members.

If you're into this sort of thing but have never really had a grasp on how to go about it, Wealthy Affiliate could just change your life.

Check out my review here!


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AussieAnita Premium
Great post! Thanks for sharing. I have had a similar experience so relate entirely. I'm so pleased to be part of the WA community. It's difficult when you are out there feeling alone. You aren't alone here and that's what I love. All the best in your online journey!
CourtneyV1 Premium
Thank you and you as well! I'm sure we'll be seeing each other around!
Skydancer1 Premium
You are Rolling. Keep it going...You will have a fabulous online Journey I am sure.

CourtneyV1 Premium
Thank you Todd!
ownonlboss Premium
Hi Courtney!

Awesome how you describe your experiences and how you got saved by WA :-)
Always happy to help you anyway.

And yes I also have some old websites hanging around. I do have the passwords... because I own all the domains on my own registrar.. some are on WA now.. some are still hanging around haha.

One thing I have learned through WA is to focus on one at a time.. when they are built out you can move on to the next if you still have time to apply to it.

Best wishes!

angela-ilma Premium
Hi Courtney, I wonder how many of us have old sites floating around in the graveyard area of the internet?! I've got a few...and I can't access any of them which is frustrating, because I can't remember passwords or I don't have access to the email account I'd probably created just to use for them. Love reading your travel/self awareness stories! And I agree, the potential from the training provided on this website is huge. All the best, Angela
CourtneyV1 Premium
Thanks Angela! Loving the progress I'm seeing on your website as well!! We're on the right track :-)
kdforsman Premium
Hi Courtney, I love your story! and with your great writing style, you're going to do really well this time - I'm sure! All the very best, Karen
CourtneyV1 Premium
Aww thanks so much, Karen!
WarrenK1 Premium
Way to go, Courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!
CourtneyV1 Premium
Thanks Warren!