Hey, I am stuck! Can you help me, please?

Last Update: April 16, 2021

If that is you, you are—in many cases—immensely talented, intelligent, and ambitious. You would be surprised to find out that you can accomplish a great deal if you can overcome what is holding you back.

Don't overthink it hard, or you'll find yourself walking around in a circle. What differentiates you from others is to find another approach that helps you to address the underlying issues. More importantly, it is being able to move forward despite being confronted with challenges. Please know it is always a choice; take it and learn to gain more control.

Face head-on your fears; you get hesitant, you may lose out; life waits for no one. Never settle on the status quo versus always seek to get out of comfort zones and take risks. You can learn to control your fears.

"Nobody wants to work, but everybody wants to eat the fruit. How is that so?"

"Nobody wants to lift a finger, but everybody wants a surplus in their cheque account! How is that so?"

Developing a routine is beneficial; it helps you to keep moving when the going gets tough. The development of habits will help you to do complex tasks with excellent ease.

Expand your horizon. Do something new every day. It helps you to discover something new, surprising, and exciting.

Maintain your motivation by tackling a problem at a time versus all at once; the sheer size overwhelms you.

If we get convinced that every option we have is impossible, no progress can be made. Being proactive and flexible helps a great deal.

Be honest with yourself, develop the necessary courage to think positively, and implement by taking action daily.

Change your perspective by broadening your horizons! What real goals do you want to explore? What resonates most with you, and how passionate are you? What energizes you? What's your true purpose?

"You are challenging yourself daily to have a vision for your life."

I salute you to stop comparing yourself to others. Don't measure your life's worth based on other people's accomplishments. Measure your life based upon your standards.

"You are either making money or making excuses."

Be grateful for what you have, not what you want. Count your blessings, appreciate everything you've been given, make it a daily practice and use it for a purpose-driven life.



Hey, I am stuck! Can you help me, please?

Sure, what are you NEEDING?
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CCondon Premium
Hi Lula,

Great blog! This sums up my main subject when I am telling someone about WA.

There are so many people in this community with a pay it forward attitude and almost everyone is willing to help.

I know I have had to reach out several time in the short time I have had here and always found the help I needed.

I am great full for all that we have and hope you have a blessed day!

Thank you for sharing and helping others to move forward!
Astrid09 Premium
Yes, I've experienced 'stuck' before, especially in getting started on the writing part of the blog. I have ideas but this tiny little voice in my head keeps sending messages of 'I don't know what to do, where do I even begin?' But I just go back to the training, back to keyword searches, back to my ideas notebook, back to what I learned in school on creating jot notes and outlines for my writing. And then it all begins to come together. Having a routine or formula like this definitely helps get me unstuck.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Awesome blog post. Thank you for enriching the community.

Hope you guys are having a fabulous day.
countrylife Premium
Hello Abie and thank you.
You're welcome,
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You are so very welcome.
TEFLJohn Premium
This is so inspiring. Recently I was stuck trying to get my website the way I want it to be. I had trouble with homepages and post pages and by searching YouTube I found the most incredible training. I followed everything to a t and my website is much better.

I totally agree with your statement that people want to do nothing but eat the fruit. How do you get people to do something when they want to do nothing, and you have to provide for them. As long as they have food and live in luxury they will do nothing.

My sister always asked me the same question: can you help me? I would go and search on Google and give her the answer up until one day, when I said to her: Do you know what? I am not that smart. I have a friend that I want to introduce you too. His name is Google. He knows everything and now YouTube has even visual and auditory help. So go to my friends Google and YouTube. They know everything. Great post.
countrylife Premium
Hello John and thank you.
I am glad your site is much better, I try help wherever I can but sometimes like you say wanting introduce your great friends to the equation. "Don't fetch a man a fish, teach them how to fish" - Feedback and wisdom really appreciated.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
Villageist Premium Plus
The talented Lula :)

Nothing replaces Hard Work!

Great blog post.
countrylife Premium
Hello Villageist and thank you.
Very true.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.