PeePaw And The Sue-At The Festival!

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This weekend was the beginning of the 10-day Chasco Fiesta, an annual event located just two blocks from my house.

I had the pleasure of escorting 5-year-old granddaughter, Lilly ("The Sue").

We started out in the morning, by strolling across the bridge spanning the Cotee River, and made our way to the festivities, set up in Sims Park and adjacent to beautiful Orange Lake.

There was live music, Native Indian Displays, plenty of food, and, of course, rides galore. The Sue's interest definitely was in the rides!

I'd say she rode about 8 rides all together, including a ride in a mini rocket ship, which seemed to be going in S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N. My fractured Spanish attempts to encourage a little more speed from the Hispanic ride operator ("Andale...Arriba...Mas rapido, por favor!") elicited a big smile, but no increase in speed.

The Sue even thought it was way too slow, suggesting at one point that I walk around in circles next to her, holding out her lemonade, so she could sip her refreshing beverage while she rode.

Yep, it was THAT SLOW!

After a bite to eat, it was about time for the big parade to begin, and we made our way over to where we had set up our chairs earlier in the day.

It was about a 4-hour parade, and The Sue collected more than 100 different colored strands of beads! PeePaw told her to wave, and smile her best smile, and she caught on to this strategy very quickly. No fewer than a dozen individuals, walking next to floats, marched over to The Sue, gently placing beads around her neck! Most of the multi-colored strands were launched through the air, though, grabbed in mid-flight, and placed around her neck.

She was very good about sharing her beads with kids on each side of us, which made me very proud of her.

I told her when the horses come by, she should shout out "Why the long face?" and that one of the horses might toss her some beads with his hoof. She shouted to them when they came past us, ridden by the Sheriff's Posse, but alas, they had no beads available this time.

I made it up to her by letting her eat a chocolate Moon Pie, which a pirate had tossed to me from his ship.

As the parade ended, and people began to disperse (thousands of folks attend this parade every year), I noticed a young mother, struggling to push her baby in his stroller up the steep grassy embankment and across several exposed tree roots. The stroller began to tip sideways, and I grabbed the front of it and pulled it several more feet and up onto the sidewalk.

She thanked me several times and went upon her way.

As soon as I turned around, I saw an elderly gentleman, trying to push another ancient-looking fellow, who was slumped in a wheel chair, across the grass toward the boat ramp parking lot. The wheels were bogging down in the soft grass.

"I'll help you, sir," I said, and began pushing the wheelchair toward the parking lot.

I must admit briefly thinking, "Lord, there's a couple of good deeds accomplished in two or three about zapping this neck and shoulder pain I've been dealing with for the past month?" (on the heels of a flu, which turned into pneumonia!)

But, alas, life is not a feel good movie, and, if anything, I felt a bit more soreness from my efforts as a Good Samaritan.

Good deeds, though, are a reward in themselves, are they not?

All in all, it was a good day at the Festival, which The Sue will probably remember for the rest of her life.

Can't wait until next year!

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Recent Comments


Sounds like you had a good time and she didn't have to get the beads by doing something obscene. LOL. It also sounds like you were a good role model for her showing her that it's good to help others. Never did get the PeePaw thing though. My granddaughter in AL calls me Grandma and her AL grandma/grandpa MeeMaw and PeePaw. Wonder how that came about.


I don't know, Debbi, but The Sue has 3 sets of Grandparents, so she's got to distinguish between them somehow. :)


You always tell great stories, Rick! Sounds like a great time for you and "The Sue".

All the best,

Thanks, Sue-Yep, The Sue and I had fun! :)

Love the title, Rick. I was called Gpaw by the grand kids in California until they got older. I kind a liked that. Sounds like a good time was had by Peepaa and The Sue.

Thanks for sharing it.


We had fun, Wayne.

sounds like you had a great time Rick and being able to take Lily to these things that she will talk to you about in years to come about the beads and the horses and the rides especially the slow one and the parade will give you both so many memories to treasure. Lilly is so sweet Rick.

You are a true gentleman Rick, no way would you have let these people struggle without going to help if you could. Sorry to hear about your neck and shoulder pain but you are right, good deeds are rewards in themselves.

You need to get someone to massage your neck and shoulder and see if that helps.

Speak to you soon. xxxx

Hi Cheryl. I may have to break down and go to the doctor if my neck is still bad in another week. It's bad today. :)

Awww that's not good Rick, have you tried rubbing anti-inflammatory gel on it or taking ibuprofen at at. If it's still bad tomorrow I would go to the Doc, not leave it another week. xxxx

I'm taking painkillers, and that helps. Haven't got any gel, but I can rub the area myself a bit, and that helps some, too. I'll have to schedule an appointment with the doctor, as they can never get me right in. :)

Another good thing you can try is heat pads. I would phone asap then Rick, you know what they say, the quicker you phone the sooner you'll get seen. Fingers crossed for you getting an appointment and getting help. xxxx

Thanks, Cheryl! :)

You're welcome Rick, just hope you get an appointment quick and let me know how you get on. xxxx

You're such a good PeePaw! Love this time of year...we have a different themed festival every weekend..and they bring out the most interesting characters. Glad you're feeling better.

Thanks, Debbie. I'm actually really sore today-so much for the Good Samaritan bit! :)

Thanks for sharing, Rick. Long time no see.

Thanks, Rog-good to hear from you!

Festival sounds great fun. Thanks for sharing.
What a girl is growing! Earning beads, sharing beads, thinking of a lemonade trick!(Wow!)I wouldnt be too surprised if you did it!:)
Sorry to hear about worsening of your neck condition...But you helped two people which is rewarding in itself. Their day was marked by your kind act and smiles...
Again praying that your condition improve....:)))

Thanks so much, Vera. Today is about the sorest I've been. Hope it goes away soon, and I do appreciate your prayers! :)))

I'm so sorry. You shouldn't strain you neck...But you couldn't but help, I know. Great The Sue had such a nice day... and chocolate again.....:)))

Love reading your stories about your granddaughter! I think she had the right idea trying to get you to serve her lemonade as she rode the rocket. Very clever!

Thanks so much, Brittaney! :)

What a great story. Your granddaughter sounds darling, and you made it so very memorable. I'm sure she will think of it fondly always.

I have always felt a great reward for good deeds, particularly helping those in need, where possible. It's also good to share the selflessness by allowing others to help you, that's hardest for me. But it will have its turn for you. I'm sure of it. :)

Thank you, Jaime! :)

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