12/21/17-Be Careful Today!

Last Update: Dec 21, 2017


Here's something I just became aware of, although it's too late for me, since I already have a scheduled gig tonight...

At some point today, the Sun will appear to pass in front of the constellation Capricorn, just hours after the planet Saturn does the same.

Thus, both orbs will line up for the first time since 1664!

London astrologer Neil Spencer says that starting a new project on this day is "ill advised," and may have seriously adverse long-term consequences. Furthermore, says Spencer, anything you try to do today or tonight will be "more difficult than usual, take more time, and be more frustrating."

The good news?

When you're playing music in a bar, the more beers the crowd consumes, the better you sound, so if we hit a few clinkers here and there because it's the WORST DAY OF THE YEAR...No one will be any the wiser!

But, I still suggest staying home and watching the tube tonight!

Recent Comments


Rick, thanks for the info and the advice. I think the tube sounds fine. -Jim Schupbach

Be safe, James.

Thank you for the info...enjoy ur gig tonight..

Thanks, Irene! :)

Good evening Rick,

At this moment I am looking at the tube and my computer screen, multitasking you know.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Have a safe and happy night, Taetske. :)

Very interesting! I love astronomy. It makes my life so... small. It's quite hard for my mind to wrap itself around the large numbers.

Good luck tonight at your gig!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Mike. Have a good one!

Thanks for the information and it is not late because the prediction could have happened or will happen tomorrow not necessarily today. Much blessings. Edi

Thanks, Edi!

Wow! wonderful information my friend and thanks for the same.

This relates that we stay indoors postponing business but sipping beer and bagpiper. Woohoo! lala..la

You got it, H. Enjoy yourself! :)


I think I will just drink a few beers then too.


We could use you in our audience, Randy! :)

Hi Daniel.

I think I already welcomed this day yesterday with a bad headache and a kind of low mood. All is fine with me today.. Will pray that everything will be fine with your gig, and the crowd, and you...Good news is that tomorrow the day will be a little longer after this longest night of the year. Don't stay out all the night though...Have a nice time!:)))

Thanks, Vera. I'm not too superstitious anyway. Or does this go beyond superstition? Don't know. :)))

I think it does. It's like your inner receptors respond to tiny invisible things.:)

I think you're a super sensitive girl, Vera. :)

There is something of that in me, true. Thanks.
Now new verses are coming.:)

Thanks for sharing, Rick.

Merry Christmas, Rog!

Merry Christmas to you too.

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