Time Will Tell

Last Update: June 24, 2015

When I was a young man a lot of the time my dad would answer my questions with the fraise time will tell. Dad can I use the car tonight? "Time will tell." I don't want to keep you in the dark so I'm going to tell you what time will tell really meant. Time will tell meant if you do everything that I have instructed you to do it's a good chance you will get what you want.

My dad had a way of promoting my success. He would give instructions 1,2,3 explain what the outcome should look like and then let me go at it. Looking back it is so funny that my dad taught me about success with just instructions and three words.

Time will tell is a simple formula that I use to this day. If I follow the instructions, be fateful to the process my success will look like the quality of work that I put into it. We have to work to achieve what our idea of success looks like.

The next time you ask yourself can I achieve my goals here at WV my dad would tell you, "Time will tell."

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coolerthough Premium
My dad was an amazing man. Thank all of you for coming by and reading my blog.
SridharRay Premium
Time, my DAD.
Hippychick Premium
Thanks for sharing. Smart dad :)
cschlup54 Premium
Very smart dad and your smarter that you put his wisdom to use; thanks for sharing.
LisaVance Premium
i love this.
Thanks for reminding me how smart dads are.;]