I Quit, I'm So Done With This Crap!

Last Update: August 27, 2015



I quit hanging out with friends that don't help me grow internally and externally.

I quit watching so much TV, because it doesn't really matter.

I quit playing so many video games, but for me, THIS IS HARD TO DO. (LOL) But again, they really don't matter. Video games don't help me grow. They're only a form of "entertainment".

I quit hovering in front of my cell phone for hours on end. It's called a "cell" phone for a reason... (similar to jailing your mind in a "cell".... think about it. There's no way you can be productive by staring at a screen all day...)

I quit browsing social media so much, this is also hard to do because social media is so freakin' addicting. It is the newest news platform that everyone turns to for the latest news not only locally but worldwide as well. This also doesn't matter to your life...

I quit WAITING for success to come my way. Success doesn't come for those who wait. Success comes for those who work their asses off. Success comes to those who demand it, who force it into fruition.

Oh, you thought I was quitting WA?




I started writing more content in a day's time. It leads to more growth in what I'm trying to do and I am able to help more people by writing more content.

I started reading books that matter to my life's path and growth pattern.

I started reading online material that helps me learn more in what I'm trying to do. Wealthy Affiliate is basically a library of digital information on affiliate marketing... which is what I'm trying to master.

I started further developing my current work/lifestyle. I saw success, but I didn't stop there. You've got to get to a point where everyone else would quit but you're not going to stop there.

I started mastering my craft. Everyone in the world has their own unique spin on everything that they could potentially do. You have your own Picasso within, use it to your advantage.








Provoke change within your industry. You know how you could change things up such as your homepage or your marketing strategies, leverage the knowledge here at WA and get creative.

Follow your intuition and follow the intuition of others here at WA! We're on to something BIG, loads of intuition and smart people here that are ready and willing to help.

Stay convicted. Not with others, with yourself. Have conviction when you are going through your self-talk. Most people talk themselves out of an opportunity right before the miracle is about to happen, real talk. Stay convicted to your true belief, WA works.

Get accelerated. If you get great at something really fast and accelerated then do you think you'll become great down the road by being able to get more detailed? Accelerate yourself, stop waiting for results, take action AND GET THERE.

Be spontaneous. Have a thought that maybe you should write some content today? DO IT. JUMP ON IT, RIGHT NOW. Now is all there is. The past has been done with for quite some time and the future doesn't exist, yet... ;D

Surrender yourself. Sometimes you can't change your situation for a few moments in time. Sometimes you need to surrender to what is, because what is, is what is.

Be original, especially with what we're doing here!! If you're copying and pasting stuff, you're hurting yourself and your business. Originality is what Google loves, be you! Be original.


Children have this insane desire for discovery. Kids can't wait to learn something new and then to implement it into their amazing life.

We are still that same child.

We're still just as creative.

We still have that desire for discovery.

We may have forgotten what it's all like due to society and media and traditional means that force us into "adult" life.

Not saying that we should be childish. I'm saying that we are that same exact person that we were 10, 20 years ago. We are still the highest form of creation on the Earth. We are still just as creative and adventurous.

If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't be reading this. ;)

With all of that, I wish you guys all massive success as we move forward with our affiliate adventures.

Stay true to YOU.

Stay true to your inner Picasso.


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MarionBlack Premium
Great to read that you're motivated and committed. ~Marion
RobVallair Premium
Super Blog!!! Will definitely follow some your ideas!
Anh Premium
Good luck, Colton. I know this could be a very hard process. Since I started developing my online business a month ago, I didn't have time to do other things. Holding a day job, spending time with friends then working on my side project already takes most of my time. The good thing is that I stopped feeling the need to distract myself.

My issue lays mostly in the amount of stress that entails when I have too many things to do and having to learn to manage my time and being patient all over again. I am veering off here, ha ha.

All the best to you.

P.S. I though you meant quitting WA for a second there.
ColtonJames Premium

It is a hard process.

But it is a process that is FAR more rewarding than a day job.

FAR more rewarding than what temporary distractions can provide.

When I started, I was going to college full time, 8am-3:30pm, then I'd have to go work at the local gas station from 4:30pm-11:00pm. 7 days a week I had work, 5 days a week I had school.

That hour in between classes and work was go time, I did as much as I could.

On the weekends, I would force myself into my zone. No distractions. Phone off. It was go time.

After I was able to quit my job (thanks to WA) and after I graduated college, I actually started to relax. Figured I deserved it.

But, no.

There's no time to relax. It's just not worth it, not with what the potential is.

I mean, I take breaks here and there but it's go time, all day every day. I work as if someone is out there trying to take it all away from me, there's someone out there who is trying to take Colton's business away.

I'm not letting that happen.

Growth is now inevitable.

P.S. And yes, I figured that title would catch your guy's attention ;D
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Very encouraging blog. Thank you... Good work
ColtonJames Premium
Thank you Jason, lets keep moving forward!!
ClydeB Premium
Colton you are the man! Congrats and continued good success because you quit! and you started! Great motivational post!
ColtonJames Premium
Thank you Clyde, I can say the same to you as well, we're doing big things!