Moving Away From Distraction

Last Update: January 23, 2019

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." - Bruce Lee

In my previous blog post here, I revealed that I have deactivated my personal Facebook account. A Facebook account with 4,900+ friends and 700+ followers.

Some may be wondering what's the point of doing that, some may even find it weird why I'm moving away from the Internet's biggest source of traffic.

Unsegregated Audience

Unless you are using a fan page or business page, you will find that your personal Facebook account a huge distraction to your online business activities.

With a page or a group, you have the freedom to choose whom to be with everyday, but with a personal account, you no choice.

You have to interact daily with family members or friends who are not business-inclined. And you also have to deal with friends who are on the opposite---super business inclined that they gonna pitch you every business opportunity under the sun.

And in my case, I also got some friends who failed not only in business but in life as a whole, that it looks like what they're looking for is a "chat buddy" to accompany them in misery.

There's one friend in there who is in his 50's, with all the advanced doctoral and masteral degrees he is now unemployable, bugs me everyday with ideas like, "Hey Gomer, how about starting a new business that will change the future of Filipino farmers?"

Just replying to that distracts you in split seconds from doing what you are supposed to do in an early morning work.

If you are familiar how distracted driving changes people lives in split seconds, then that's equivalent to that.

Of course, there are good friends also, friends that are in business and are successful.

My Reason For Deactivation

Not to brag, I have become popular among my peers. A "go-to coach" for home-based business topics in the network marketing and multi-level marketing niche.

And that made me a good prospect for recruiters too.

They wanted me on their team that they are willing to do anything just to get me, like posing as an interested prospect to my products or opportunity.

You know, that strategy of making friends with your target prospects with the aim of inviting them later to your opportunity. I know that, I'm not naive of that strategy, as I also use that strategy myself!

The problem is that, I already knew what I want.

Since I already knew what I want, I am now in the stage of working for what I want and I can't be distracted.

That's the main reason...

I can't be distracted.

Unfortunately, even if I posted memes about that intention, they did not notice that. They did not notice that I am fed up of mediocrity and now desperate of achieving what I want.

Focus on Growth Hacking

I'm not sure if this is the right terminology for this, but I read somewhere that a "growth hacker" is not some kind of hacker breaking through your computer but a person who uses free to low cost strategies to grow a business rather than using money.

I find blogging and SEO as the best medium for growth hacking.

Like I said, I don't want to spend on advertising. You know, that pay per click ads on Facebook and that solo ad campaign with drains money without the guarantee you will see great results.

So, since blogging isn't found on Facebook, why would I hang around more in that place?

I'll rather spend more time here in Wealthy Affiliate because, this is where my wordpress website is hosted.

No distraction. Just plain working on the goals.

Building a blog in Wealthy Affiliate---the best platform for building a blog online and getting it ranked high on Google!

And They Followed Me

Just after deactivating my Facebook account, I received a message via my Google account from one of the distractors.

"Hey Gomer, I can't believe you really deactivated your account. So, you are really serious about blogging? Wow, that's great. Can you blog about my new business involving cryptocurrency? You know, we've just started a new company, an online shopping company that runs on the blockchain. We've created our own cryptocurrency that's better than Bitcoin, and I'm thinking if you can blog and promote this new business for me."

I was shaking my head in disbelief.

I can't believe they even followed me on Gmail. The missed the point why I am running away from them. It hurts me a lot because, they're not strangers... they were my friends!

I was about to reply, "Oh yes, I am about to write a negative review about your new cryptocurrency, please wait for one or two days..."

But I hesitated. I will just ignore the friend.

It's just funny though that every person in this Earth thinks his or hers is the best, and you ought to look at his or hers.


No more "Mr. Nice" that will "give in" to any friend's request.

Bruce Lee on Distraction

If you are in the "make money online niche" and you also find yourself challenged with distractors, let me bring you back to the quote I shared in the intro of this blog post...

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus."

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lynnsam61 Premium
Consistent focus is so important and I agree that personal FB is a huge time suck. Sometimes we just need to disengage from platforms that aren’t giving us something back.
CoachGom Premium

It's like this...

"Okay, just a few seconds, I will see what's in the Messenger, and then I'll go back to what I need to do today."

Then, something went like this...

"Hey buddy, a friend just pitched me a new business opportunity and it looks like a scam. Can you check for me and tell me what you think about this new opportunity?"

You click on the link and time passed by you didn't notice you're now away from your goal maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

Then, you go back to your friend and say, "Yes, it is a potential scam you should stay away from it."

Friend replied, "But it is endorsed by Mr. Reputable, why do you say it is a scam?"

Another 5 or 10 minutes spent explaining to the fellow why you think it is.

Now, 20 to 40 minutes have passed, you haven't started yet with researching for a new topic in your niche and creating a new blog post.


We care for friends. We care for others. But we have of our goals. We have our own priorities.

Now that those distracting me aren't seeing me anymore in Facebook, maybe they now realize how serious I am when I said, "I don't wanna be distracted."
MKearns Premium
The cure for this is unrelenting focus
CoachGom Premium
Yes, that's the exact description. Unrelenting focus. Thanks, Daddy Mike. :)
keishalina9 Premium
.... interesting blog post today .... yes, hackers can do good like solve problems .... so being a growth hacker would be ok ....

thanks kindly for sharing .... all the best, cheerio .... :)
CoachGom Premium
In that long blog post of mine, I am surprised the terms "growth hacker" are the ones that got your attention.

Anyway, thanks for commenting. Cheers! :)
keishalina9 Premium
.... funny thing --- last summer --- was doing some coding and we were in small groups 'hacking' and that's when i learned it's ok to be a hacker -- nothing negative about it .... just a way to solve problems and to be helpful --- so as Einstein is oft-quoted, 'it's all relative!' .....

and by the way, you mentioned also google and growth -- if you're interested, i just did up a WA blogpost today on their 'freebies' ... some good stuff to know .... :)