Deactivate Facebook For Blogging

Last Update: January 17, 2019

It may not be good advice for everyone, to deactivate Facebook for blogging, but there are instances in our lives that call for such decision.

I have deactivated my Facebook account in favor of blogging.

4,950 friends and 720 followers.

Deactivating Facebook Account

I am working in the MLM niche. The legit ones.

Being experienced in this niche, I decided as a member of WA, to target this aside from targeting the niche that's related to WA Affiliate Bootcamp.

Haven't we learned in the lessons to target the one we are experienced at?

So, no matter how people here despise that niche, I picked it up.

The problem began when most of those I have recruited to my team, started looking for newer opportunities and began targeting me as their new prospect to recruit.

Imagine, if you have 100 directly sponsored team members and 50 started hounding you on Facebook inviting you to join their new-found opportunities...

You got 50 people to answer to, explaining to them why you can't join them!

Why Not Just Ignore Them?

For the sake of good relationship, you can't just ignore them. You have to answer to their messages, and explain why you can't join.

If they happen to be strangers, then I will just ignore them, not even see their messages in the Messenger. But they were my online buddies!

So, you have to reply to them one by one, and to do that, it would eat a lot of valuable time from me...

Right now, I operate two traditional offline businesses---one Internet cafe and another one---a community pharmacy. Since they are still small businesses, they require I be involve in the operation as the owner.

On the sides, I operate websites hosted in WA.

Every other day, electricity is being cut off here in our place, to give way for the construction of another power plant. So, you can imagine how valuable and limited my time is.

I can't afford to waste time chatting---chats that won't contribute to my business bottom line.

Why Not Just Join Them?

Like I said, I am a business owner. I know how tough it is to build a business from ground up---offline businesses and online businesses.

I already have a distributorship business with an online MLM company, and I am fully decided to focus on building with that company. I have picked it up from the rest, because it passed my criteria of an ideal MLM.

I don't need a new one.

And being a business owner, joining a new company is like opening a new business, I have to be present again in that new business additional to my existing one.

I only have one body, I can't add more businesses to work at.

50 people inviting me, if I join 25 of them for good will's sake, then that will mean I will be building an additional 25 blogs to promote those companies, and that sucks.

Why Blogging?

As I have said, I got other businesses and they require a lot of capital. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

I cannot just pluck some money from my pharmacy business to use that money in buying solo ads. You know, those strategies advocated by those big IM gurus of buying traffic and funneling the traffic to their biz opps.

I can't even buy Facebook ads (even if I can afford it)

My promise to myself, being a financially smart person, is to keep one capital where it belongs, and not jump it up from one business to another.

My capital for my pharmacy stays there. Don't use it to buy Facebook ads promoting lead capture pages.

So, with this, I only left with the option of building an online business using free strategies like blogging and search engine optimization.

If the online business generate profits, then only then that I will set aside money from that business to invest in paid advertising.

Be Smart, Don't Be Gullible

I got some marketer friends who attempted to take me "hostage" in the name of camaraderie. You know, those messages saying "You're my friend, aren't you? If are really my friend, then you should entertain my proposal messages".


I looked at the person's experience in the MLM niche, he's been only 2 years. My experience with the industry, is more than a decade now.

Now, who's really in the position to sort people out? That friend, or me?

This is not bragging. This is being smart.

Should I be listening to that friend? Or, the other way around? (Friend listening to me)

I've been in this industry since 14 years old (1994), and I have put up MY OWN CRITERIA based on my knowledge and experience.

(They should respect me, right?)

Some lucky guys may have hit the gold mine in just few months in the business. But that doesn't make him smarter than me.

Pride aside, I am also teachable. I'm not that person who's so cocky feeling "forever be an upline, never be a downline".

If I find a better opportunity and my current one cease to exist, then I will be the one to come to you and say, "Hey, what's up? Can I look into your business? I'm looking for a new business to start with."

Reason Why People Fail in MLM

They have joined too many businesses and forget to build in each of them.

Multi-Level Marketing is not like Affiliate Marketing where you can join without shelling some start-up capital. It's free to join Amazon, it's free to join Clickbank.

In MLM, joining a company means "investing a few dollars" in start-up capital. Add to that, the cost of hosting a blog for that business and other marketing tools.

What will happen to you if you join one company, you recruited 50, and half of those 50 (which is 25) came back to you requesting you to reciprocate by join theirs?

Imagine if each cost $100 (x25). You will need $2,500 just to reciprocate them!


Will you spend $2,500 just to keep those friends whom you just earned $500+?

You will end up broke (for the sake of good will and friendship)

I guess, that's one reason why a lot of people fail in MLM business. Even if they're joining the legit ones, they're jumping like Kangaroos from one company to another.

And there's always a new MLM company being launched every day!

I can't help but laugh.

It is not in "joining companies" that money is being made. It is in building your existing one. (Blogging about the products and the opportunity)

Stay in WA And Keep Blogging!

I understand this community treats my niche COLD.

But I've seen a few WA members working in the same niche as mine. (I will not mention their names)

Now, these informations that I've shared, perhaps will educate you how ugly it is, what's happening on Facebook, that decided me to leave them for a while.

Just recently, I deactivated my Facebook account for blogging.

It's good to focus on activities that help in the achievement of goals.

I got very limited time and resources, I can't be distracted.

Stay in WA and keep blogging!

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GlenPalo Premium
Awesome post, Gomer! Thanks for sharing this with us.
MThompson3 Premium
Good choice. Who want to use a platform that promotes censorship and squashes free speech that doesn't conform to their agenda.

GauravGaur Premium
That's a wise decision Gomer, congratulations for coming out of rat race. You know what exactly is to be done with your life and you cannot be carried away by the so-called friends who will not even miss you on FBP.
All the best and keep building your business with your heart.
Success is bound to follow.

Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
KennyGlossop Premium
Great post. Very true. You can’t fire to many arrows at once.
CoachGom Premium
That's a good one to describe it. Thanks.
SondraM Premium
You are a smart man. And busy...

Like you I am juggling both online and offline businesses. I have been thinking that I should maybe be more active on Facebook, but this post is making me think twice.

I spend enough time saying no to potential artist vendors that would like to work with my shop because their items do not "fit" my theme. I would hate to have to start doing that online also.

Thank you. Best wishes for continued success.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Gomer.