Purpose may point you in the right direction, but its passion that propels you.

Last Update: July 04, 2013
I saw two great posts on Facebook today that made me think of Wealthy Affiliate and my own personal goals and wanted to share them with you.

Purpose may point you in the right direction, but its passion that propels you.”

I was re-directed to the WA website while searching for franchise opportunities, so I really think that I was meant to find WA. It just feels right to me and much less financially risky than a franchise, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’m taking a couple weeks off from training while I’m on vacation, but once I return home I’m going through the training again (boot camp this time) and I’m determined to make this work for me and create a revenue generating online business. I really believe you need to be passionate about something if you want to succeed at it, so I’m going to give it all I got!

“Regularly visualize your personal dream of success and a path will open to get you there...You cannot hit a target you cannot see!”

I believe this quote is very true and am going to start practicing it. You need to have a clear vision of your dreams and goals and believe in yourself and you will find a way to realize those dreams. I’m going back home visualizing my dream of success and I think I’ve already found my path to get there. I have the training and WA community support to succeed, so my success is in my own hands now. The opportunity is there, I just need to take it!

Wishing you all much success!
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Yazkool Premium
*your not you're
Yazkool Premium
Lol I had the chance for a sleep in this morning. Damn cold here. All my head was saying was Yaz content does not write itself. No content, no potential traffic, no success. You're blog is spot on. Good luck.
dancegoddess Premium
Great quotes and very true! Good luck with everything!
cm8719 Premium
Thanks, you too!
Tom Robarge Premium
Yes you are in the right place. I personally believe that WA is the missing link to on line success
acoolmil Premium
These two quotes are regularly used in sport, or variations of them. Con