Operation Vegas 2021: April Update - Woo Hoo Traffic!

Last Update: May 01, 2020

Hello again! I can't believe it's already been another month. The days are all blurring together now, so it's hard to keep track what day or month it is.

I feel like I wasted much of March, and I kind of feel the same for April.

I didn't accomplish as much as I really wanted.

And it's no one's fault but my own.

With that said, it was actually an exciting month in terms of traffic, which you'll see in a little bit.

My traffic going up has motivated me quite a bit, and I know that May will be much more productive. *

(*I say that now, but don't hold me to it! haha)

Just a side note...

As I've mentioned before, besides blogging, I also work at an elementary school. And one thing we started doing this month is working with individual students online.

So that's something that I've had to put back into my schedule, which leaves a little less time for blogging.

On the other hand, I've been getting myself up early again (usually 5am) so that I have at least a couple of hours of quiet writing time. This makes a LOT of difference!

OK, enough of that. Let's get into the details.

Here's what I accomplished this month:

  • Wrote and published 3 posts
  • Completely re-wrote a big ol' landing page
  • Worked on creating a new pop-up for specific posts on my site
  • Updated a top-ranking posts to add more to it
  • YouTube subscribers = 351
  • Email subscribers = 268

I feel bad for my YouTube subscribers. People keep subscribing to me there, but I don't really produce content. Every day I think "I should make a YouTube video", but the day just passes on by...

I haven't focused on getting email subscribers too much. I am thinking of ways I can add email captures to my site, and that is definitely something I need to work on this month.

Traffic & Stats

Here's what March looked like:

And here's April:

Say whaaaaat? That's a big increase in one month!

What I'm really loving is the average position. That went down nicely! I have around 60ish keywords in the #1 position on Google.


Let's move to traffic.

March Traffic:

April Traffic:

Now, I mentioned in this post that I hit a milestone on 200 visitors in a day. I was going to update the community when I hit 500 in a day.

Well, I didn't hit that yet, but I did hit 408 yesterday! So I'm not far off.

There was another milestone that I mentioned a long, LONG time ago. I don't even know where the post is that I mentioned it.

But I wanted to update the community when I hit 5k users in a month. And, as you can see, that has happened.

Ta da!

No fanfare for that one, I guess. :)


  • January 2019 = 10, 0 Premium = $0
  • February 2019 = 11, 0 Premium = $0
  • March 2019 = 25, 0 Premium = $0
  • April 2019 = 30, 2 Premiums = $39.50*
  • May 2019 = 25, 3 Premiums = $47.50
  • June 2019 = 37, 2 Premiums = $63.00
  • July 2019 = 35, 3 Premiums = $118.00
  • August 2019 = 24, 4 Premiums = $149.50
  • September 2019 = 12, 2 Premiums = $157
  • October 2019 = 32, 4 Premiums = $164.50
  • November 2019 = 29, 4 Premiums = $149.50 (+1 Black Friday sale)
  • December 2019 = 32, 2 Premiums = $157 (+ Black Friday sale payment = $282)
  • January 2020 = 34, 4 Premiums = $220
  • February 2020 = 17, 1 Premium = $219.50
  • March = 29, 3 Premium = $235.50


(I also made a sale for another program that I promote, but I won't be paid for that for another couple of months.)

So with all that good traffic, my commissions are actually down a bit this month.

There's a couple things I want to mention:

  • The traffic I'm getting is from MLM posts I've done. We know these convert lower because it's a slightly different target audience.
  • With that said, I'm going to continue thinking of ways to get them over here to WA
  • I'm getting more referrals again so hopefully more will convert in the coming months
  • You can see that a good portion of my referrals set up their accounts based on the number of credits I have
  • I currently have 172 credits, which is a decent amount. I'm going to keep letting those build up.

One Final Note

Someone (rightfully) asked me why I keep doing this since I'm not making that much money. I think it's a great question, and I wanted to address it here.

You can see that I've been working on this site for 19 months now.

I don't want people to get discouraged when they see that. My results are not reflective of anyone else's results.

I have a lot of responsibilities outside of this website. I do what I can when I can. You can probably achieve better results much faster.

But to answer the question...

Why do I keep doing this?

Because I love it.

This website (and the others I have) give me a chance to be creative and express myself. I really love writing. (I really, really love researching and writing about MLMs, so thank you again to Dylan Rieger for that suggestion!)

And, I get to make some money too. So, why WOULDN'T I keep doing this?

Also, I mentioned this before.

I want to make it to Vegas. And I will.

Even if it takes me 10 years. :)

One Final, Final Note

I wanted to work on my other websites, but I just didn't. With that said, I should be getting 2 payments today for one of them.

Now Your Turn

How did your April go? Is your traffic increasing, or decreasing? How were your sales? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

If you have a monthly update, feel free to link it. I love reading about your progress!

- Christina

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DerekMarshal Premium
I **love** reading your reviews, and those by many others including Paul, Mike and Tiffany.

(So keep posting them folks!).

Real results from real people - that is what WA is all about!.



Just as I think I am catching up with you pretty awesome CTR and ave position (Outstanding!!) you raise the bar!!.

Well done on your progress. To think 10 months ago you were ready to throw in the towel. I am deligted you did n't as I would never know such a low average position is possible!.

Now get your backside in gear and get publishing!

**No Excuses**.

I am really looking forward to May's report where it says "whoo-hooo I published 10 new posts!."
cld111 Premium
Aw, thanks, Derek! It's people like you who make WA so great!

Unfortunately, my traffic has dropped in the last couple of days. Maybe it's due to the update? Or maybe people are starting to spend more time outside instead of online?

So I don't know what May's report will look like. We shall see!

But you're right. I need to get on top of publishing more. I haven't even done 1 yet. Let me get to it!

Thanks for stopping by! How was your April?

- Christina
DerekMarshal Premium
Traffic is a complex thing, more is not always better. I have a slight drop and then a massive spike yesterday (like 125% up by mid-day) leveling out to just under double.

And today it is around it's regular amount. Most of this month so far short dip in traffic - not enough to worry me or concern me at all.

I've dropped something like 900 keywords in the top 50, a lot of 1-3 positions and featured snippets and a few hundred from page 2.


The traffic quality is still there, bounce rate is down - on page time is up and I have more starter referrals the past few days. Less traffic is not always a bad thing - if you are getting better quality traffic for it.

We gotta keep in there!.

April was good - 1 year mark 13,990 traffic (10k evergreen about 4k from cr*ppy scams) 73 starters 4 premium*, one re-subscription. US$55 made.

*uggh that conversion rate!! **eye roll**

*This update is unusual where it is being rolled out over 2 weeks and not the regular 2 days. Breathe in and hold on tight...it might be a bit of ride!.

**Screams yells "get writing Christina!!"** - you have a gift for it. So engaging! I love that site of yours! I'd love to be THAT good at content creation!.
cld111 Premium
Wow! Almost 14k in traffic is so good! I understand why now after reading your update. 60 posts a month?! Haha. I'm still floored by that.

I'm lucky to be getting 1 out per week at this point. But whatever! Slow and steady for me.

Thanks so much for your compliments. I doubt myself a lot, but it's people like you who want me to keep on keeping on. :)

- Christina
Zarina Premium
This is awesome to hear, Christina! Patience pays off!!! I'm so glad to be reading more success stories - lately WA's been more like a FaceBook and I stopped checking the feed as often as I used to.

And thanks for addressing the questions about why you keep doing it if you don't see a lot of sales yet. And I'm sure you WILL get to Vegas. Even if it takes you 10 years :) That's the spirit!
cld111 Premium
I agree with you about WA being a little like Facebook. I skip over a lot of those posts too. I love reading success stories, and I'm happy to share when I make some progress.

As long as Kyle and Carson still have trips to Vegas, I WILL make it there one of these years! :)

- Christina
Zarina Premium
I doubt K&C will ever take Vegas trips away from us! Hahah. Can't wait to make it there too and meet all the awesome WA members (yourself included!)
kenhawley Premium
Hello Cristina!!

I am always so happy to hear from you.

That is REALLY GREAT to know that you are doing what you love!!

Most people spend a lot of time and money doing what they love. But to do what you love and make money doing it!! I can't think of anything better,

As for me the convenience store is up and down, still not where it needs to be.

The tree service is doing well. We are starting a second crew now.

We landed a small contract with the government, that is nice.

I haven't spent much time with the WA course and I don't get much website traffic. But I get enough to keep my guys busy.

We put out a mailer that got really good results. We where able to do trees that were considered essential, and lined up some work for when the lock down gets lifted.

I have plans to work more on learning to build the website and local marketing but who knows when.

I hired bright local to create some situations and I signed up for their premium package but again iv'e been so busy that I haven't had much time to study their system either.

I hired then fired yelp. I hired and fired local splash.

Still run google ads. It's working fine. I plan on increasing ad spend on that one as needed.

With the tree business the CUSTOMERS the EQUIPMENT and the PERSONNEL all have to expand at about the same rate. Each one of those three areas can become the weakest link. So they each need to scale at about the same rate.

Nice to hear from you!!

Talk soon.

Ken and Jane
cld111 Premium
Wow Ken! You really do keep yourself busy! I'm happy to hear that things are going well for you. It would be nice to have more time to work on your WA websites, but it sounds like you're doing just fine anyway.

I'm happy to hear from you, and keep on going! Build up all your businesses! :)

- Christina
dcasa14 Premium
Great job. Keep up the good works and be sure to keep us updated on your progress.
cld111 Premium
Thanks, will do!

- Christina
JerryMcCoy Premium
Great job. This shows that creating a solid website can start you on the road to success.
cld111 Premium
Absolutely. Without the training here, I wouldn't have had a solid foundation to get this going.

- Christina