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I am a South African born Italo-Croat who enjoys being with, observing, and interacting with people. I am especially wild about my wife and kids!
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I agree with kimmie64. As much time as it takes!
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Dec 19, 2016
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I agree with kimmie64. As much time as it takes!
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Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
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hi Claudio, thanks for following
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Thanks for the follow and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. This is a Community that shares. Focus and commit to the training and you will be successful.
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Hey Claudio, how are things going? Just following up here with ya... Just wanted to pop by as I noticed that you had set-up your profile here at WA and say hi and offer my help if there is any confusion.

Simply drop me a reply if you do need a hand with anything. :)

P.S. Be on the look out for WA's Black Friday special. It's an absolutely awesome deal.

Take Care,
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Hi Claudio, how are you doing? My name's Vince and I actually referred you here to WA through my website Online Marketing With Vince. I just wanted to introduce myself.

Here's the instructions in case you missed it on how to get started here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1/getting-rolling

I am a Premium member here, and always will be! I would highly recommend it. It's absolutely worth it.

Let me know if you have any questions, Claudio!


P.S. There is an awesome discount offer on Premium if you didn't know, for 7 days.
Claudio, there are lot of advantages going Premium and here are just a few of them plus a bonus.

--BONUS-- 59% discount your 1st month
-- Unlimited community, help, and support, LIVE CHAT
-- Direct access to me (private messaging). I do know Internet marketing inside and out and do it full-time
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-- Unlimited websites/hosting
-- and MUCH more...

Your free membership is extremely valuable, but it's more to get you up and running. I would definitely take a look into going Premium. It's well worth it!

Other than that, glad you are here! :)