What is Up or Down With My Website?

Last Update: April 27, 2020

My site is not down but it has not been receiving any hits since yesterday. There is absolutely nothing to be seen on Google analytics....not even my three monthly visitors. I have already checked that my tracking code is right. What else can I do? Please send some suggestions my way. Being in the situation is preventing me from thinking rationally right now.Thanks in advance.


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ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Thank you all for your suggestions. All that was wrong was that the code was some how missing from my website. I still cannot understand how that happened. Anyway, all' well that ends well!
lesabre Premium
Hi Claudia, what is the most recent site map of your site that google has.
Have you also tried Bing webmaster tools.

Best wishes,
Vickic3 Premium
Are you writing good lengthy posts with excellent keywords?
Do you ask Google fetch to index each post you write?
Are you sharing all your posts to every Social Media Platform?

If Yes, to these 3 things all I suggest is to keep researching excellent Keywords and make sure your posts are really informative

The more content you write and share the more traffic will eventually visit your site
I hope this helps
LMH1968 Premium Plus
How do you ask google to fetch to index each post you write?
Kind regards
Vickic3 Premium
This will help Lisa although you may need to go to page 1