The Dreaded Email From Amazon Associates

Last Update: December 24, 2019

I got the dreaded email from Amazon. Some of you might be acquainted with it. It is the email that tells you that you are halfway through your trial period so basically, you have 90 days left to make three sales from you website in order to continue being an Amazon Associate.

Frankly, in the back of my mind I have been waiting on this email because there hasn't been any sale from my website and I am begining to think that making a sale might be bordering on the impossible right now. We just have to wait and see. I am seeing a little organic traffic nowadays.....up to 25 or so visitors daily so it could very much happen!

Maybe I became an Amazon Accosiate too soon. I think I should have concentrated on building out my website more before I did. I would have given me more time.....

Anyway, I believe it will end well! Good news! Christmas turned bright for the kids! I want to use this opportunity wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year at WA. May all your dreams come true!


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KoKo777 Premium
ClaudiaAlex1. I have been working on my website for over a month. I have read so much information and have decided to hold off on putting it up. Amazon is not the only way to make money online so I will look into other options very carefully. I will pray that you get a sale soon!! I believe it will happen for you soon.
phamp357 Premium
Hi Claudia, Happy Holidays! Don't give up, just keep pressing on and things will happen for you. You may want to consider having a giveaway contest on your site and draw/engage visitors that way. You can always reapply if it doesn't work out for you this time. You can also create a fan page on Facebook and promote select products there - I would choose products that people might be searching for in the new year... If you haven't already done this, you should review a few Amazon products on your blog. You may also want to consider using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to get traffic to your website until you get the 3 required sales before your trial period ends... I use a plugin named Hustle to create sliders, popups and other CTAs on a few of my websites and it works really well - just a thought... Have a wonderful day!!

Isaiah14 Premium
Yep - I remember that email from Amazon.

As others have mentioned, they say that you can always re-apply with the program without any issues. I was even more worried that I may have signed up for their affiliate program too soon because there was hardly any traffic on my site during this period. Somehow - I barely made my sales for the trial period - and I'm talking about two days before the cut-off date!

I'm hoping you make those sales and everything will work out the best for you Claudia 😊

Have a Merry Christmas! 🎄

Mick18 Premium
I remember that email. You can always reapply tho.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.