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It has been a while but not to worry, I have been busy trying to improve my websites, because I have a dream that one day I will be making an income from them! That dream is shared by many, if not all, persons on the WA platform. Now, I know I can always depend on the WA community to clear up my misconceptions and generally shine some light in my direction. Sometimes you think you have the answer then you get a totally new and better perspective and you wonder... Why didn't I think of that? Cli
OK, I think I have a bit more than average intelligence. That means, I know enough not to touch fire or I will get burn. I certainly will not drink bleach or anything like that but I am through trying to analyze Google. I am done! There is no more Google and I....we have parted acquaintance because I cannot understand the chap...he must be a chap! Here is the thing. Some months ago Google indexed my entire website of a whopping 4 posts promoting Wealthy Affiliate! I could not believe it! I stil
May 05, 2020
A few weeks ago I blogged At My Wit's End. I was unsure how I was going to continue my membership here at WA due to my present financial constraints. I know I am in the best place to realize my dreams but I was having difficulties. It had come down to caring for my family or staying here at WA. I was happy with the comments on my blog and noted all of them as they were offering support and some gave ways I could remain on the platform. Elizabeth commented and made an offer that was quite overwh
My site is not down but it has not been receiving any hits since yesterday. There is absolutely nothing to be seen on Google analytics....not even my three monthly visitors. I have already checked that my tracking code is right. What else can I do? Please send some suggestions my way. Being in the situation is preventing me from thinking rationally right now.Thanks in advance.Claudia
April 17, 2020
This might come out as a bit of rambling as I am writing my feelings and I might be judged but at this time, like in any other aspect of my life I need to be as honest as possible and I hope my honesty will serve me well. For a very long time I have blogged about my accomplishments here at WA in an effort to encourage others but mostly to encourage myself. There were times when I needed to say it out and basically convince myself that things were happening and I would succeed. Heck....that is o
Sometime ago I told you that I had gotten the halfway there email from Amazon to inform me that I had 90 days to get three sales to qualify for the Associates' Programme., I was unable to generate these sales.....I managed to get on sale. So on a positive note my website definitely has potential. I am down but not out. I have already reapplied and will soon begin the tedious process of changing all my codes.😱..
When I started here at WA, I had no idea how I would afford the monthly fee. As a matter of fact, I still cannot say for a fact how I have attained this badge. I guess what they say is true, necessity is the mother of invention. Whatever it is, I am here at six month. I have achieved a lot. I have a website (two at least) to show and my knowledge in wesite operation have increased 100 fold. Sorry that I am still experiencing difficulties with regards to driving traffic to my website. For that I
I have been away! Caught up! Trying to break my traffic standstill. Frittering here and there! But I have some good news! My Amazon Associates account is showing 4 orders and 1 shipment so far, so my first $2.24 is secured. That means if there are no cancellations, my Amazon Associates programme is on for sure! I have been trying to increase my Facebook presence and have seen a few views and visits from this source! I have requested a name change of my Facebook page associated with my niche web
December 31, 2019
Yes, today is my birthday and I am happy to be alive! My kids cooked me breakfast....French toast, Bologna, fruits and cocoa and I sent up a silent prayer asking God's blessing on the food. I ate it under their watchful eyes with my daughter's Christmas headband on my head, the one that is battery operated so it lights up! What a spectacle I was! Then I thank God that He gave me the strength to prepare the breakfast for the last 364 days and for the fact that He has given me the perfect gifts.
I got the dreaded email from Amazon. Some of you might be acquainted with it. It is the email that tells you that you are halfway through your trial period so basically, you have 90 days left to make three sales from you website in order to continue being an Amazon Associate.Frankly, in the back of my mind I have been waiting on this email because there hasn't been any sale from my website and I am begining to think that making a sale might be bordering on the impossible right now. We just have