Persistent Over-complication

Last Update: December 02, 2015

...Or jumping ahead when you should stay on track.

This is my first blog here at Wealthy Affiliate. Well, truth be known it’s my first blog ever. Not perhaps my first article, but the first that is officially entitled “blog”.

Congratulations to me.

I’m very new to all this, the last time I had anything to do with website construction was back in the Middle Ages of Microsoft Front Page, and when Dreamweaver was something I could only hope to aspire to. I stumbled into Wealthy Affiliate whilst beating through the undergrowth of the internet hoping for inspiration.

Owing to constant over-thinking and perseveration I stopped the Green training as I couldn’t come up with a niche. Not true, I had plenty of niches but “none of these will work” (yeah right, you just haven’t tried) and now find myself in the Bootcamp. I believe the Bootcamp is the right place for me for the time being as Kyle tells me what to do and when to do it.

So stop second-guessing.

I have managed to register a domain (oh don’t ask how much procrastination went into that one), put up a Word Press site, and made the three pages - Privacy (nice and easy as Kyle pretty much does it for you), About Me (about ME?? What?? Write something?? Oh yes) and Getting Started (still languishing in draft form i.e. empty).

So I’ve got to the point where I am looking at my Theme. It looks horrible. It’s all white and the fonts are nasty and I want a NICE and PRETTY Premium Theme! I want a logo and I want to know how I put up a favicon and… and…

Stop jumping ahead. These things will come, all in good time. Get on with the training, create content, stop getting sidetracked into matters that are irrelevant. After all, no one, not even my family is looking at my horrible, nasty babyish website.

That’s not quite true, some folk here have seen it, but I’m comfortable with that.

Thank you to everyone for helping me get this tiny step of the way. And thank you to Kyle for calling it “Bootcamp” - this is where I do as I’m told and stop “thinking”.

Have a great day everyone!

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lindasea Premium
Too cute! Glad you get it that its important to stay on task. Just methodically following the course work and doing the related tasks does wonders for making your site come alive!

KatieMac Premium
Congratulations you are back on track, never a good thing to jump around, the training is set out in order for a reason.. wish you well with everything
chengckalex Premium
You deserve a lot more congrat on top of yours.... absolutely include mine. I've been in the same situation where you're and still struggle one that. Your post is just like a Chinese proverb,"Hitting one's (mine) head with a stick." Thanks.
Chessie Premium
Hi Clare, Nice blog and just the sort of thing I was/am doing and getting myself in a spin by trying to learn too much too soon. Taking one step at a time and learning each of those steps thoroughly is by far the best way IMHO. I'm on an enforced break at the moment which is giving me a chance to wind down and get my second wind. I'll be back to the slog middle of next week but then it's Xmas and I've got all sorts of 'family' things to do, so probably won't really get back into the swing of it until the new year!! Good luck to you with bootcamp. I've done the 'green' one and was thinking of doing bootcamp next, if my brain can cope with it! Ches
BillyHunter Premium
Hey Clare, Congrats on your first blog EVER! haha I know how it must feel. I liked reading it, it's a good reminder of how you have to stay consistent and the work will pay off. :)