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Last Update: April 16, 2014

I have always been intrigued about making money online but could never find a legitimate way to go through this process. Without much of a computer or internet background the whole idea seemed overwhelming. Wealthy Affiliate has given me direction in a short period of time as a starter member that I just had to take a leap of faith. I think the internet is the next place for medicine and healthcare. I am hoping to provide the same counseling and advice that I give my patients but now on a broader scale. My goal is to make enough residual income that I can have a small practice and work smarter not harder.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

I am already enjoying my first step

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IveTriedThat Premium
Congrats Carla and welcome to Premium!! :)
jespinola Premium

First off welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and congrats on going to premium.

If you have questions or doubts let us know and remember we are here to help you in your success. :)

Jorge x
Kyle Premium
Awesome Carla, I think you are going to really love Premium and going forward and as you work through the training, you are going to make some wonderful progress.

Remember, success is the result of "action" and "hard work". Everything else you have here at WA to facilitate you along the way, and if you add those two items to the mix you are going to do very well! :)

Congrats and I look forward to working with you!