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May 15, 2014
I have been a Premium member for nearly a month and through Course 1 have accomplished a lot. 1. Found Wealthy Affiliate by accident or fate, I choose fate. I was hooked as soon as I joined. 2. Upgraded to Premium. Just going through the initial course I knew I wanted everything WA had to offer. 3. Found a niche. I enjoy giving advice to my parents about nutrition, health and exercise. Blogging will increase the number of families I can help and allow me to make ext
April 16, 2014
I have always been intrigued about making money online but could never find a legitimate way to go through this process. Without much of a computer or internet background the whole idea seemed overwhelming. Wealthy Affiliate has given me direction in a short period of time as a starter member that I just had to take a leap of faith. I think the internet is the next place for medicine and healthcare. I am hoping to provide the same counseling and advice that I give my patients but now on a b