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Hi Community, My name is CJ Allen, I'm married with 5 adult children and 5 grandchildren. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have





My comments have disappeared about others websites?

My comments have disappeared about others websites?

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Website Development & Programming

I have requested comments on my website but WA said I have not commented on anyone's website. This is not true I have commented on 3 websites but don't see any record of that.

Hi - to use the WA comments section, you need a Gravatar account. Perhaps you have commented directly on their site, rather than use the box provided on WA.

I don't think I have created a Gravatar Account. To be honest, I'm sure I don't know where to create one. I think I have gotten slightly overwhelmed with building my site I'm sure I missed something.

Thank you, Diane

Click the link I gave you; it walks you through the process of Gravatar.

Got it 👍🏽

Comments need be moderated and approved before they appear. Could that be the case?

I didn't know I have to create a Gravatar Account, could you direct me, please?



Thank you, I don't know how I missed that!

Most welcome!

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How do I get reviews for my website?

How do I get reviews for my website?

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Website Development & Programming

I forgot how to get reviews or people from the community to scrutinize the content I have currently written. I remember in the earlier lessons after my first post that Kyle has

Go here

Here's the link to that. You can save or bookmark the page to find it easier next time. You can also use the search feature that WA provides.

Here's another one.

Use the give and take thread.

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Spelling of a word, does it make a difference?

Spelling of a word, does it make a difference?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

My niche is Electric Bikes or electric transportation. As I'm writing posts for my website I keep wondering how I should spell the "Electric Bikes" word because most times they

I would use e-bike. The hyphen is necessary to make it one word. But the search engines are very good at associating similar terms.

Thank you, jghwebbrand!

You are very welcome.

Hey CJ,

The need for using "exact words" in an "exact order is pretty much extinct nowadays.

There was a Google Update in October 2019, which was seen as one of the most important updates since 2015.

It was known as the Google BERT update, BERT being an acronym for something that sounds really, really complicated (you can simply Google "Google BERT Update" ro discover more details).

The crux being that Google wanted to understand human conversation slightly better (although they did use Artifical Intelligence to achieve this - a little hypocritival, but oh well).

Google, with the new BERT technoology, will now read further into specific keywords, sentences, and paragraphs to understand the overall context better.

Whereas, in years gone by, everything was based on what the actual keyword typed into the Google Search Bar was.

This actually has produced fairly poor search results in years gone by.

Now, Google uses this new technology to understand SEARCHER INTENT better and then providing the most RELEVANT results.

As long as it is obvious what you article is about,you have the potential to rank for a variety of RELEVANT keywords.

Google is now clever enough to understand that an e-bike, e bike, and electric bike are in fact all exactly the same thing.

Google would have had difficulty in deciphering this pre-October 2019.

This is why for many years keyword research was based around using Exact words in an Exact Order.

I have provided proof in my various blog posts that I am ranking articles for certain keywords that AREN'T EVEN INCLUDED in my article.


Becasue Google now understands relevancy and reads more into your articles to understand what it is about.

Off the top of my head I had an article titled:

"Why Do I Feel Jump Rope in My Abs?"

I was obviously ranking for this phrase and various others.


I was also ranking (and receiving traffic) for the search term:

"Why Does My Stomach Hurt When I Use a Skipping Rope?"

So, Google understood that

"Abs" and "Stomach" are the same thing


"Jump Rope" and "Skipping Rope" are the same thing.


So, there is no need for EXACT stuff anymore.

As long as it's obvious what you're talking about, Google will understand, and they will choose to rank on RELEVANCY & QUALITY.


Thanks, Partha,

That was an elaborate explanation and I greatly appreciate your information. You must be an instructor here and teach classes?

Much Success,
CJ "Super Cycled" Allen

I'd be sticking to e-bike, if that's what people are searching for. Jim

Thank you!

Hi - Google will see all the different spellings as meaning the same thing. But I believe e-bike to be correct.

Thank you!

My guess is E-bike.

Via Wikipedia - "An electric bicycle (e-bike, eBike, etc.) is a motorized bicycle with an integrated...

I wouldn't use e bike.

Thank you, TheAbie!

You're very welcome!

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