Last Update: September 12, 2016

I just wanted to get this off my chest. Maybe writing about it will help make it go away.

Despite finding what I'm doing very interesting I seem to lose half my days navel-gazing. It's not like my previous online adventure making a video game where I remember springing out of bed, grabbing a tea and dropping down into my chair to do some coding or 3D modelling.

Maybe it was the publishing phase of that period when things started to really slow down. Once 99% of something is done and there's just waiting... I think that's where bad habits and a bad routine has crept in. Just last night, as every night for probably the whole of the month of January at least, I know I've been working at 50% at the most.

It's a paradox because I love what I'm doing at WA, what I'm learning and the opportunity I have. I'm scratching around for that first commission still, sure, but I've put things in place to at least make that first commission possible. I can taste it it's that close. Then there's the motivation I get from the tech I'm using. WordPress is cool! I find myself thinking about improving my work and my website all the time, tantalised by possibilities and what I'm going to be able to achieve.

So, why the lack of action? It's not that I do nothing, it's that it doesn't feel like I'm doing as much as I should. Maybe it's just taking a while to get into a good groove, letting myself get distracted by trivialities like reading the web and playing games. Anyway, writing about it and putting that into the world is one more way I hope to knock that behaviour on the head so I can get as busy as I want to be.

That's all for now.


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KatieMac Premium
There are times when we all get off track, remember seeing a talk by Bill Gates the most successful drop out from Harvard as he says and the one thing he said he has to keep in check is procrastination then rushing to get it all done last minute and sometimes it takes a bit of time to get back into after the holiday period, I have a schedule I keep to just to keep me focused
Cirian Premium
Thanks Katie, sage advice.
soucss Premium
Hi Robert, I feel this way sometimes and I find it's when I spend too much time 'socializing' on the WA platform, when I stick to my training and concentrate on my site I find I'm up to my 100% commitment. I'm like you, still looking for my first commission and can feel it's close, so until I feel I'm there I am putting the socializaing aside. Best of luck, Sylvie
Cirian Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Sylvie, best of luck to you as well.