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Superficially the Black Friday deal saves me ~$60/year from my current subsciption, but just having read the bonuses included in the welcome e-mail, there's a lot more in this deal than savings.I think I'm one of the slowpoke members or something because I'm not really succeeding yet, so reading Kyle's staggering commitment to us, the members, is really humbling. There's some great stuff coming in 2019 and I really appreciate it. Thanks Kyle, Carson and Jay in particular, you guys keep me going
I like to use Chrome for editing my site, but ever since WA changed to its new format I had the problem you see in the image. The left sidebar is all scrunched into the main body! I didn't have that problem with Firefox, so I assumed it was a Chrome thing.However, I fixed it just now by zooming out a bit in Chrome. After setting the zoom to 90%, everything fits! All fixed and wonderful again. So if you ever have that problem, there you go.
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August 22, 2017
Wow, so this was a surprise! A pleasant surprise I think. I've been a part of the WA community for nearly 2 years, and I'm not always around but I do try to be helpful now and then. So I was very surprised to get the notification that I've been made a WA Ambassador.I get a lot out of the community here at WA. I've been learning a lot and I do lean on tutorials and blog posts and the like made by the rest of the community here. So I also like to give back a little now and then, and I guess that
Back before Christmas I was inspired to write a book by some members here, and that's gotten to a pre-launch phase now so I'm quite excited. I've never written a book let alone launched a book before, so this has been and continues to be an interesting experience. I'm sure I'll post a bit more on that in the coming weeks.Just today I ordered some equipment so that I can start YouTubing in a serious way, something quite out of my comfort zone that I hope will pay off in the long term. A combinat
September 18, 2016
Just a very short blog post to acknowledge TopAchiever for helping me get into writing my first piece of training for Wealthy Affiliate.Towards the end of Course 4 there's some encouragement for us members to have a go at writing some training and it so happened I've had an idea for quite some time. So! I did a search and found this great little tutorial: some time later I had my draft and edited images, which I assembled in the training
September 01, 2016
It took me a while to get through Course 4, which is all about getting acquainted with social media platforms and putting them to use. Not being a natural social media junkie a lot of these platforms were totally new. Pinterest? Eh, I'd heard of it. Tumblr? Eh, same. Now at the end of Course 4 I'm decently proficient at those and the more familiar ones such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.Having just taken a glance at the start of Course 5 it looks like the focus is shifting back to the core m
Wow oh wow. So I'm doing Course 4 at the moment, which is all about using Social Media to engage with people. I've been trucking along / dragging my feet (delete as appropriate) because let's be honest, I don't hang out on social media much.I had a my Google+ page up first and I got the AddThis sharing plugin (Share Buttons by AddThis), and got used to sharing my posts there. I immediately started noticing some familiar faces liking my content and that feels great, I like that I'm making some p
Coming from a video game development background I just happen to have some habits that follow me around. Good habits.It might be that you have a website up and running and you want to try a new plugin out or you have some crazy hack job idea that makes you stop and think "Wait a second... I don't want to break my website by accident! Maybe I won't do this... even though it could be awesome".Well, those barriers could hold you back. But there's a solution! Create a "sandbox" website on SiteRubix
February 07, 2016
I just saw my first commission today!Boy what a buzz. I hope the buyer is really happy with what they bought and I've done a job well done. Well, more of that please!I'm busy learning lots of stuff from everyone here at the moment and I want to say a big "Thank You!" to the whole WA community for getting me this far. You guys are awesome.~Cirian.
January 21, 2016
I just wanted to get this off my chest. Maybe writing about it will help make it go away.Despite finding what I'm doing very interesting I seem to lose half my days navel-gazing. It's not like my previous online adventure making a video game where I remember springing out of bed, grabbing a tea and dropping down into my chair to do some coding or 3D modelling.Maybe it was the publishing phase of that period when things started to really slow down. Once 99% of something is done and there's just