Book Publishing & YouTube adventure, also Patreon!

Last Update: April 04, 2017

Back before Christmas I was inspired to write a book by some members here, and that's gotten to a pre-launch phase now so I'm quite excited. I've never written a book let alone launched a book before, so this has been and continues to be an interesting experience. I'm sure I'll post a bit more on that in the coming weeks.

Just today I ordered some equipment so that I can start YouTubing in a serious way, something quite out of my comfort zone that I hope will pay off in the long term. A combination of ideas and the existence of Patreon have come together to make me take making videos seriously. Again, not too much to say right now but hopefully I'll write about this again.

Lastly Patreon, if you don't know about this platform yet and you're a content creator or thinking about becoming a content creator, do check this platform out. Many, many of the YouTube creators I follow are on it and earning a living (or a chunk of one) through revenue direct from their fans on Patreon.

That's it! Hope everyone is having a great day, and good luck.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Keep us posted on the results.
Louise2812 Premium
That's great! May I ask what your book is about?
Cirian Premium
Thanks Louise. Sure my book is an English take on the Danish hygge and that more grounded kind of lifestyle. I have quite a rural background as well as living in cities so I thought, hmm, yeah I have something to say about this!
Louise2812 Premium
Ooh, funnily enough I got a book on Hygge for christmas. That sounds interesting - when you say an english take, do you mean how it could be applied in more general ways?