Live a life with purpose and leave it without regrets

Last Update: February 02, 2017

Too young, too soon

My Aunty Judy recently lost her battle wih colon cancer on January 24, 2017. She had her 62nd birthday the day before she passed. It's funny how 62 seemed so old when I was a young girl. But at my current age, 62 is too young, too soon to go.

I was grateful to have seen her the day before she left this world. She was at peace with it and knew that it was time, but for those who had loved her - of course, it was especially difficult to see her go.

During this time, I just become a little more reflective about what it means to live a life with purpose and leave it without regrets. Have I "done" my life in such a way where I can leave it tomorrow and say, "it was all good?" Hmmm, the answer is not really. There's so much more to give, to experience and to improve on. I think that is part of human nature to feel that it's not quite enough and I'm o.k with that.

And realizing that it's not quite enough doesn't mean I'm discontent with my life ~ it actually makes me more focused on what I want to achieve and to do the things that will make a difference in another person's life.

I want to ~

  • listen more with an open heart
  • smile more, frown less
  • encourage others, not discourage
  • forgive AND forget
  • embrace rush hour traffic
  • write a viral blog
  • reconnect with long, lost friends

and last but by far, the most important (lol!) ~

  • visit all the amusement parks of this universe and ride all the scary rollercoasters!

When all that is done, I hope my obit will read ~ "She lived a life with purpose and left without regrets."

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MKearns Premium
If you can say that just before those roller coasters do the first plunge, you ARE ready t live life to the fullest!
Cindy624 Premium
That's so true!
allchristie Premium
62 was ten years ago for me, but your list still applies. Idetification of purpose, and living with passion makes life pass even more quickly. Your introspection is appreciated.
Cindy624 Premium
Thank you! Life does go by too fast and it's just a glimpse when we look back on it.
Cindy624 Premium
Thank you!