Tough time right now!

Last Update: July 11, 2018

My friends, Please forgive me if I don't talk to much right now. My best buddy, Li'l Bear, my dog has become very, sick. I've been nursing him 24/7 and just hoping he will recover. If you could remember me in thoughts since won't let say other p word, hope you'll understand. I would be grateful. It's tough when he can't even tell you what's wrong but he is a little fighter. Bless you for caring. Gail pix from 3 years ago, my lil hula boy, sweet pea:)

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DarrinB Premium
Sending yourself and Lil Bear serene Light & love. My energies are coming your way. X
EKaye1 Premium
Sending you my best wishes. Hope Lil Bear gets better soon. Its difficult when your pet gets ill. I have four guinea pigs and a hamster, pets just give out so much love.
Pengekassa Premium
I am so sorry... <3 Thoughts and prayers for you my friend.
RDulloo Premium
Sorry to hear that he is not well. It's always hard when they're sick and they can't tell you what's wrong. I myself have 2 cats and one of them was very sick about 2 years ago... but he came through.

I'm praying that Lil Bear will come through too. hang in there!
brettbrtsk Premium
heres sending you my best wishes from the uk and hope he is better soon