Time machine

Last Update: February 16, 2020

We bought a digital scale a few years ago to keep track of the weight loss we were chasing and over a period when the battery started to lose its voltage the decimal point began to fade.

As I stepped on the scale and I didn't see the decimal point, I thought this is great I've discovered time travel.

What should have been 196.8 pounds became 1968, wow I'm young again I thought as I'm doing my Snoopy dance, I danced past the mirror and boy that brought me back to reality.

The point is if you know that something is supposed to be there don't jump to conclusions just because you don't see it.

If you know what the reward is, going through WA but don't see it yet, don't quite.

What do you think?

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NWTDennis Premium
Wow, 1968 ... that was a good year for my wife and I. We had just relocated to a small community 70 miles north of San Francisco, surrounded by hay fields, apple trees and walnut trees. Our son was a year old, and we were escaping the urban sprawl of Silicon Valley.

Here it is 2020 and we're still here, but the community has really changed from a population of around 28,000 to almost 180,000 today. It's the county seat of Sonoma County.

Much of this population explosion has been driven by the wine industry. Most of the hay fields are now vineyards. We're next to Napa County and together we are frequently called the northern California Wine County.

I miss the hay fields, apple trees and walnut trees.
gnoose Premium
OMG! 1968! Would that I could magically be transported back to year. Truly wonderful times and experiences.

We can never truly know what the result will be, but thru training and the experiences of others here, we can expect outcomes to meet our goals. It's up to you, me, him, her.

It's all good...
Thanks Greg and congratulations on a great report my friend
Dave07 Premium
Hi Chuck.
It can work both ways when you haven’t yet experienced the positive results of your business. Hopefully most people feel excited about the possibilities that lie ahead

Thank you for stopping by Dave, I appreciate it
Ryan4488 Premium
There are many mysterious elements, events, etc. that occur. That is just one more!
Yes sir there many encounters with the strangest results.
Thanks Ryan
anjumshahlla Premium
Thoughtful post! Yes you are right! Jumping to the conclusion without thinking about the reality is not wise.
good to see you again glad you could come by