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February 16, 2020
We bought a digital scale a few years ago to keep track of the weight loss we were chasing and over a period when the battery started to lose its voltage the decimal point began to fade.As I stepped on the scale and I didn't see the decimal point, I thought this is great I've discovered time travel.What should have been 196.8 pounds became 1968, wow I'm young again I thought as I'm doing my Snoopy dance, I danced past the mirror and boy that brought me back to reality.The point is if you know t
February 09, 2020
What does WA mean to you?WA could mean you have hope for the future, it could mean you have a distraction from the mundane routine of your everyday life.WA could mean additional income or a full time business working from home and not having to fight traffic to and from work giving you extra time for family.As we all know WA means Wealth Affiliate and I believe it was named that because Kyle and Carson wanted to help people become just that, a wealth affiliate.I don't know what brought you here
February 06, 2020
James and Henry were friend since middle school but has lost contact after college. James followed his dream of big city life and James stayed in the little town they grew up in.Ten years had passed and James was home on occasion but not long enough to meet up with Henry. Then James' mom pasted and he was back home for the funeral, afterwards James planed to stay a week to 10 days to help his dad adjust to being alone.Then on a Friday night at the local bar James ran into Henry and over a few d
January 31, 2020
As Mrs. Johnson entered the grocery story to do her weekly shopping she heard a child throwing a fit and as she continues to shop she got closer and closer to the child throwing the fit. As she turned the corner she encountered a little old man pushing a cart with the screaming child and as he was choosing is groceries he was saying softly it's okay William, you are okay, stay calm but the child continued to scream. The child kept screaming up and down the aisles and the old man very patiently
January 29, 2020
A few days ago one of our colleagues challenged us to name two favorite movies about entrepreneurs.Today I would like to challenge you to come up with two movies pertaining to your niche.Last night I stumbled upon a movie that pertained to my niche and I must admit it was very inspiring.Have fun with it so on your mark, get set be inspired!
January 27, 2020
Different sizes use different ladders for different jobs. We use them to get cats out of trees, to work on the roof, install basketball hoops or TV antennas, to wash the tops of cars or vans.There any number of things we use ladders for, it's a great tool.I think mentors are a lot like a ladder.They help us work our way up one rung antenna time, help us to get higher and higher, helping us get to higher ground, helping us secure our step and our grip on the situation or course of study.I say h
January 18, 2020
I just wanted to reach out to see how everyone was doing with training, does anyone need help or comment on their accomplishments.Originally I wanted to reach out to the people following me but evidently we're not able to do that because of possible spam issues so this to everyone. I will admit I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but if I can help give me a shout and I'll do what I can.Thank you, Diana and Trish for your direction and suggestion on this.
January 10, 2020
Smell The RosesWhat does that even mean? Every one is in such a hurry these days with busy schedules at work, and meetings after work. No time to prepare meals because we've got to pick up the kids and run them across town for soccer practice, dance, martial arts and whatever else, so we go through the fast food. They call them fast food but I've found myself complain about it taking so long (lol).It's the same on weekends we're off to kids ball games, recitals and tournaments on Saturday and
January 03, 2020
Temperature ControlWhen you get home at night shivering what's the first thing do? I crank up the heat, I'm looking for instant warmth but do I get it?No, I don't get it instantly, why, because it's a process. Just because I've adjusted the wall thermostat to 80 degrees doesn't mean it's 80 degrees right now. You've set everything in motion to get there but it's not there YET. It takes time, the wall thermostat starts the process sending instruction to the gas valve to open and the ignitor to i
Real Pirates of The CaribeanJean Lafitte famously plundered Spanish commerce in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1800s.In the war of 1812 Lafitte was offered a captaincy and $30,000 by the Royal Navy for his allegiance. Lafitte pretended to take the offer but then warned officials of the pending blockade around New Orleans. Lafitte offered his services to Gen. Andrew Jackson for a pardon for himself and his crew, terms were accepted and in December 1814-January 1815 the Battle of New Orleans was fough