The Signs Are There - I Left my Job

Last Update: Apr 10, 2022

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I wrote the draft for "The signs are There" several months ago but I didn't publish it. Now that I read it again, it applies to my situation now, because after nearly 14 years I left my day job. I left school.

Not because my website is makig me loads of cash. I wish that were the case but I think I'm going to have to be more patient for that.

I left school in the middle of the school year, for many reasons, for many things that happened and the last thing was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

The following is my draft for "The Signs are There" which I wrote several months ago:

So much is happening, and it all points to one thing. Change is coming, not just one minor change, but many big changes. I can feel it. I know it. And still, I am still inwardly debating ... I know and yet, I still don't know ...

So, I decided to blog about it, and see what you think about this. My friend tells me that deep down I already know, and he's right. He asked me "what do you want?" and I told him "I want to live of my books and of my websites."

"Then focus all your energy on that," he replied, and he is so right.

Reality starts kicking in sometimes, and I do not want to consider it for fear of letting bad energy in, but I do have to feed 7 dogs and 3 cats, and pay off a few things, so a steady income is still required.

My books are good. The few people who read them tell me that. No one is noticing them, however, and it's understandable. Millions of books are advertised on Amazon, many of them not by authors but by people who want to make a quick buck. I get it. So, to make your book noticed, you have to work really hard, it's like getting your website noticed among billions of other websites. I think you can relate ;-)

I have a new book that will be released in May. In all honesty, though, I have given up on the dream of living of my books. Well, not completely, I still want it, but I don't believe in it much anymore. I don't need the pep talk of "you won't get it if you don't believe it". I've been wriitng books since I was 6, for more than 40 years.

So ...

I'll keep on writing because it's in my blood but I am not going to continue believing in living of my books.

I can live of working online. Months before I left my job in school I started teaching German online. I have fun with it. It's unstable because you don't know how long your students stay with you but it has always been a nice extra cash.

Ever since the school year started in August 2021 I have wanted to leave. I loved the lockdown. I loved working from home and I couldn't adapt to the new old normal. I also had a year and a half break from screaming kids or kids that use any sign of "weakness" they perceive in you to get back at you, or talk back or do all the things that make them look "cool" in class; and although I had always handled it well I wasn't ready to deal with that again. I love my students, I always have. They're the reason I have lasted in this school for nearly 14 years, but ... it's a psychologically challenging job ... and this year there were issues with other factors besides class that were just too much.

I wanted out, but I wasn't ready because I wasn't making enough money online.

Then, a student falsely accused me of something I did not do. It was a heavy accusation that could get me in serious trouble, and she did it to get back at me because I had told her off for disruptive behavior that I had been putting up with for months.

I was terrified. I know how many teachers' careers and even lives have been destroyed over a false accusation and I knew that being innocent didn't mean squat. I was scared ...

I am very fortunate that my boss trusted his gut instinct about me and knew that the girl was lyiing, but he had to investigate it. My innocence was proven, but the experience rattled me and I understood how vulnerable my position was there ... So much bad stuff had happened this school year. So I took it as a sign to finally leave, and I resigned.

Thursday 7 April was my last day. I officially left school, after all this time. Students were sad. They took photos with me and told me they didn't want me to leave, but I have given enough and enough has been taken from me ...

Being a teacher is such hard work and most people don't even know it ...

It is a job that is underappreciated, undervalued, and underpaid. I've seen comments by people who say that we have so much vacation time and we have it "easy", but that vacation time is sorely needed.

I do not understand how athletes make millions when teachers who prepare adults of the future make peanuts and go through hell.

I thought that I deserved better than this. So, I finally left.

I think I made the right decision. I know that I can increase my online classes and live of that. There are also other ways I can make money online, and in the meantime I will continue working on my website(s). I am FREE now, truly free, and it feels wonderful! I just let the chickens out of their area and I finally had time to sit down and spend some time with them. I get up when I wake up, not when the alarm clock rings in the darkness. I am working from home now.

I know I can build up my online earnings. WA is taking a while but I know that I can do this, that I can truly live off online work. the laptop lifestyle.

A friend told me that the false accusation - as ugly as it was - perhaps gave me the push I "needed" to do what I had been pining for. I don't ever want to to through the experience of being investigated over a false accusation but I guess I am now free of it all.

Recent Comments


Isn't it interesting how something that seems totally bad can actually be just the thing you needed? I have had that experience a time or two, my own self.

I think you made a great choice. Now that you have made it, I hope you find new doors opening up and new opportunities beckoning.

Enjoy your freedom.

I know, right?
Sometimes bad things happen and they end turning into good things. :-)

Sounds as though your friend is right Christine.
I see it as the universe giving you a push to do what you should be doing rather than playing safe.
Congratulations for taking the leap of faith.
I haven't had an alarm clock in many years yet I am up early. When you are doing something you love you can't wait to get started. Also you have time to spend on other important things, the people and animals (family) in your life.
Enjoy it all.

Hi Linda,

It's funny that you mentioned that about getting up early. I always got up early enough, around 7:30 or 8 am, but over the last days I have been wide awake at 6 or 6:30. It must be my spirit being excited at the freedom to do what I love.

Its so much better to wake naturally. Our bodies find their own natural rythmn.

Wishing you all the best Christine. Well done!

Look at phil1944 profile and how he managed to do that: Ps
Yes being a teacher today is near to horror.

Hi Fleeky,

My books are on Amazon. I've been using Amazon for years :-) but I'll check the link to see if there's anything new.

Oh ok!

Hey :-)

It took a dramatic event, many years ago, for me to wake up and realize what's important in life.

We are here, and the time is now...... how do you want to be feeling now?

Yes, we are programmed to follow society's rules and this means behaving in certain ways 'for the good of the collective.' However, when you realize that this may be 'sucking the life out of you,' it's definitely a sign that a change in direction is needed.

You've taken the leap and now it's important that you can relax with that shift and allow life to open up in ways that it was unable to before..... when you were so preoccupied with doing what was expected of you.

You'll do great :-)
Enjoy the journey, because it's all about the progressive journey, not the destination!

Hi Andrew,

True, it's about the journey, not the destination. I have to keep remembering that.

I want to be feeling free and as of this week I feel free. Be independent and able to spend money any time I want to; that's also how I want to be feeling :-)

It often takes a dramatic event to turn our lives around, doesn't it? I think that this change has been waiting for a long time.

You have made the right decision by beating an exit from the teaching profession where you were undervalued Thank God, you left on your own terms. It could have been worse.
If you are still interested in a paid employment, quite a number of companies have shown interest in teachers who have opted out of the teaching profession. They have found out that teachers' rich tapestry of experiences could be retooled and used in their administrative, human resources, and development departments.

Hi Dada,

Yes, teachers do so much, they can bring a lot to the table, that's true :-)

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