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Last Update: Jul 29, 2021

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The title reminds me of those lines "do we want this political leader to have access to such powerful buttons?" Of course, a poliltical leader would not have a Site Comments approval button but rather one with a missile attached.

Anyway, my recent experience with Site Comments reminded me of that.

By the way, it seems as if Site Comments inspire a whole bunch of blog posts, don't they?

Well, this is not about bad comments or when to approve or disapprove comments, but about not abusing the disapproval button.

A few months ago I left a site comment on a blog post. The post was short, SUPER short, just one paragraph about a movie the blogger had seen. I left a comment that was longer than her paragraph. I asked questions, I did my best to make it all relevant, and I think that in general I leave well thought out comments.

She disapproved it and wrote "sorry, but this is not what I'm looking for"


My approval rating went down but no worries, it went up again because all my other comments got approved.

Today another comment I left was disapproved, because "it showed bias", since I mentioned in my comment that I signed up at WA for free. My comment was related and it was good. If the blogger wanted me to exclude my experience with WA then it would have been kind to contact me and ask me to do so. I would have done that.

It's funny because I usually leave my WA experience out of comments but for this article I didn't and bam, it was no good.

The disapproval button, in my opinion, is for comments that are generic, plagiarized, repeated, unrelated, or just 0 effort. Right?

Disapproving a comment because you're just not hitting the blogger's personal preferences - which we have no way of knowing - doesn't cut it with me. I don't think it's right to disapprove a comment for that reason.

In my case, I always read the full article, sometimes take notes to remember what I want to comment on or ask a question about, and I always make sure that my comment is relevant. If the commenter only wants questions, I'll add them, if they only want a discussion they'll get it, and if they want all of it, discussion, questions, opinion, and experience, I'll do that too. I always make an effort.

When a comment is disapproved for personal reasons:

  • 1: that is just wrong
  • and 2. the commenter's ratings go down for really silly reasons.

What will you do when you get an organic comment that may seem "biased" or "not what you are looking for"? Do you think that WArs don't comment on posts they find online? I have seen posts about WA that had organic comments by people who claimed that they were members of WA. Oh, the affront, the bias! And organically! Thank God the website owner had the grace to accept those organic comments that were not expected.

If I get comments where I can see that the commenter read the full article and made an effort but the comment may be about another article (it happens) I do not disapprove them. I contact the commenter via PM and ask them to edit it, because I don't want to disapprove the comment if they obviously made an effort.

If it's not what I expected but it's related, I accept it, because guess what, the real world is full of stuff you don't expect. Gasp!

If it's just plagiarized or "I commend you for your wonderful website and I will share with my mommy, daddy, uncles, and cousins, and bla bla bla" - oh yeah, it gets disapproved. But effort should not be disapproved.

Keep it authentic. You won't always get organic comments that are expected or even wanted. So, don't abuse the Site Comments disapproval button. Use it for a good reason but not for a personal reason that the commenter has no idea of knowing. Let's keep it professional.

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Hi Christine,

Just remember that we can not please everyone, either they like your comment or not just be polite the main thing simple as that.

If they are not happy with your comment turn to others for sure you put all your effort! Lots of members for sure waiting for your comment and appreciated it more.


Thank you for your comment. I am polite. This is not about liking or not liking a comment, but about being professional and not abusing the "disapprove" button for personal reasons. As a website owner I think we can be more professional about that, right? ;-)
Yes, I am not going to comment on these people's posts anymore. I know thier names now and will just skip their posts from now on.

Absolutely Christine:)
If they are polite they will not push the disapprove button for personal reasons:)

You are welcome,

Christine, I agree with you. If you want a special type of comment, then say so.

How could she disapprove you for what you didn't know.

We try to comment to make it seem as if it is organic.

Hello! Google already knows. So, why can't you share your Wealthy Affiliate experience? I comment on blogs with Quora and Reddit.

My friend do not be discouraged. Be encouraged to leave your comments with those who value them.

All the best!


Thanks Maxine!

I agree.
I'm not discouraged, I just thought it would be good to share. :-)

Very true. But some people only want their ego stroked and are interested in nothing else.

That's true ...

I agree with you, Christine!

Thank you, Richard! :-)

Totally agree. I have disapproved a comment, but only because the writer asked personal questions about my wife and then tried to put information about their site. lol.

Yeah, that was a weird comment, lol.

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