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Last Update: Feb 28, 2022

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So, what's on my mind? Soooo much, I don't know where to begin. I've been quiet on the WA platform for months. I used to be more active, I know ... I was still working on my business, though, writing articles, social media, etc. with some breaks in between but I didn't let it go.

Soon' I'll celebrate 3 years at WA. Not yet, but in a month or two it will be 3 years. What do I have to show for it? Money? Nope, not really, a few sales here and there but nothing to quit my job for. Will I continue? Yes, I will. I think I created beautiful websites that have something to offer, and even if I'm not making money of them they're staying on the internet. They are there to be seen.

Yes, I followed all the training, tips, and advice, but the one thing I didn't do was product reviews ("Is XXX a scam?" "is XXX the real deal?"). I'm sorry, but I find that niche soooo boring. I find the research for them tedious, it's just not my thing, I can't get any enthusiasm for it at all; and you have to do what you love. I do product reviews, but only in my niche, in an area I find interesting.

I did open a website during the Bootcamp training, aimed at writers/authors (because I'm an independently published author). On Google Search Console I see that the views are growing steadily, so that's great. I am focusing on that website a lot and I use another website to publish poems that Thomas, my prison pen pal, sends me.

I've started to continue the Bootcamp training but things have been overwhelming ever since the lockdown was over and I had to get back to driving to work and being away from home for so many hours (and dealing with adolescent group behavior after a break from it for over a year, that was hard to get used to again as well) ...

Life gets in the way sometimes, an accident, 18 stitches, useless conflicts at work that are like energy vampires, and depression that came from the lack of freedom I perceived after the lockdown was over and I had to go back to work; depresson because of my day job, and because of the accident that got me 18 stitches in my left leg; an injury in my back that takes ages to heal (and is painful at times). It was a bump in the road I had to get through. I guess that sometimes it's allowed to let oneself get down in the bumps as long as you lift yourself up again.

I made some changes at work that help keep my spirits up. My leg is healing and I can walk again. My back ... it is what it is ... I started taking cbd oil and I hope it will work.

It's the little things that lift the spirit, like chicken yoga :-)

I have 4 chickens. Yesterday at feeding time I spread their seeds over my legs and all four jumped on my legs and pecked away. Then I lay down on the ground and they were walking on my belly, it was very relaxing. Mini yoga ;-) Later I sat down somewhere and one chicken (Monica) jumped on my arm and walked over to my shoulder, then she gave me a gentle peck on my lips, too sweet! I named my chickens after Italian movies, actresses, and songs; Gloria, Gina, Monica, and Camila :-) They bring me much joy :-)

My dog, Esmeralda (my newest rescue), often follows me around the property and very often when I stand still she jumps up behind me and puts her paws on my back, always startling me when she does that - not good when you're holding a drink ;-). Then I start walking, holding her paws behind me and she walks with me, holding me from behind, wagging her tail :-) She's special :-)

In the pic: Esmeralda, and Mr. Freckles is behind me.

The house is slowly coming together. Below you can see the workers pouring the cement on the roof of the bathroom.

And if you look closely, you can see a window made entirely of wine bottles ;-)

So, keep on going. Keep on, keep on. Patience is the key. Not giving up. This was never advertized as a quick money scheme, so I guess for some it takes 6 months, for others 3 years, for some even more, who knows? Quitting isn't an option.

I have learned a lot over the last 3 years and I have gotten much better at networking. I made some great connections, related and unrelated to my websites. A lot of good has happened, and eventually money will come rolling in as well.

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Giving up should never be an option for us all
Glad you're recovering from your injury
I wish you well on your journey

Thank you! :-)

You're welcome

So sorry, glad your leg is healing.
I admire your determination to keep moving.
I agree quitting is not an option.
Thank you for sharing.
I wish you much success.

Thank you, Muslimah!

You are welcome.

Thank you for sharing, Christine.
Have a great week.
Best wishes,


Thanks! You too, have a great week!

You're welcome and thank you!

Energy vampires! Great expression. Will have to remember that one.

I'm not a big fan of product reviews either. Most of the ones already done on the internet are done by people who can afford to actually buy the product they are reviewing. It makes me feel me almost dishonest trying to review something I've never actually used. I stick to "product summaries" or "suggested products" instead.

Neat house!

Yes, the house is one of my dreams that I'm realizing. Building it has taken me a little over 3 years now, but it's getting there :-)

Building a house has always been a dream of mine. I envisioned a sunken living room, completely open second floor and the whole thing timber framed. I even drew up some plans. Well, next time I have a few extra million dollars floating around...


That sounds like a beautiful building plan. I can nearly envision it :-)

Very awesome, indeed, Christine! The house is coming along nicely. I'll never quit WA either, not if I can help it!

Have an excellent new week, my friend!


You too, Jeff! Have a great week!

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