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Last Update: November 05, 2021

I don't know about you, but I loved the time I spent at home during the lockdown and now that I am back at work I just cannot adapt. I've been back at school (I'm a teacher) since August now, and now it's November and I still haven't adapted. I have always been very flexible and adapted easily but this time I just can't (or won't). I feel like I lost some freedom ever since we went back to the old new normal.

During the lockdown (and I know that many can relate here) I had time for WAME (WA and me). Instead of needing a full year or even a year and a half to write a book I now did that in 7 or 8 months! I got so much done for me, it was amazing! So much time to enjoy my land, and I played a lot with my dogs, I felt like a kid again ;-)

I had a taste of the laptop lifestyle and I just loved it! When the news came that we had to go back to school, my first thought was "oh no ..."

Before the lockdown I got a lot done, but now I realize that I was stretching myself thin all the time, rushing everywhere to give extra classes to make more money, coming home late, and doing the job of a teacher - which is challenging in itself.

Now, after the lockdown, I can't get anything done. I have been mostly absent from the WA platform, because school demanded so much of me - not the students, but issues with administration, unpleasant colleagues I had completely forgotten about during the lockdown, ever-growing demands, and a lack of concern. I hardly wrote blog posts, I tried to keep the website active by getting and giving website comments but I couldn't even get that done after a while. Thoughts of giving up popped up once in a while, but no worries, I'm not the giving-up-type, but that doesn't always stop those thoughts. However, they are just thoughts.

Then I also realized - since one of my groups turns out to be challenging - that after a year and a half of peace and quiet I no longer have the energy or willpower to deal with daily teenage rebellions, talking back, being the class clown or show off, challenging the teacher in front of everyone to be the "cool guy", and doing stuff they would never do at home. My job has always been psychologically draining but now after such a long break I realize how draining it really is. It's like I'm getting an outside perspective of it. And I keep on wondering how I could do it for so long. The answer is that I have always loved teaching and my students, but I have come to the end of the road. I can't give anymore, it takes so much out of me. I can't come home feeling all stressed like that anymore. I - we all - deserve better than that.

Thinking about it, it is ridiculous that athletes get paid millions of dollars to play some games, but teachers who are partly responsible for tomorrow's adults and have an important job get paid peanuts and well, that's all I'm going to say ;-) There's a lot more to this rant but I won't burden you with that. :-)

So, I made a decision. I am going to quit. My deadline is December 2021, final deadline mid January 2022, so if December is not achieved yet, I definitely have to be gone by January, because the thought of doing this until July feels dreadful ...

I started teaching German online and I am looking to also teach English online which is harder because I am not a native English speaker and most platforms want native speakers, but I'll find somethng. I also signed up for Upwork, offered my services, one of them as a content writer, but so far Upwork is a little bit like Google, it takes time before they start noticing you, but I am just getting started. I have to keep on looking. I am confident that I can do this. I want to achieve my financial independence by December. Not through my websites, because that has been taking a lot longer than I thought ... but through my online classes and online work.

I wrote this down here, not to rant, but because I think that especially in this WAcky and WArm community, many can relate, right? ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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jofa Premium
Just reading. I relate to all this. Please watch out for yourself and go for what makes you happy. The problem is that what makes you happy may not take care of the bills for now.

I envied you doing a lot to make ends meet. Such is life.

You have to sit down and plan for your days and try as much as possible to keep to it. Go for what matters most and drop the rest. Life can be tough but you need to be happy too.

Take care and I wish you lots of lucks.


ChristineDu1 Premium
Thanks John! Yes, we have to do what makes us happy but sometimes we have to think of what pays the bills. Regardless, I'm working on achieving my financial independence, I still haven't found enough online work but I feel that I'm getting there. Hopefully soon!
Thanks for your comment!
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Christine,

You have to do what makes you happy. If you feel that you have come to the end of the road of being a school teacher, then let it go and move forward with what brings you joy.

You seemed to have given some thoughts to all of this and you know what you want to do moving forward. So have the courage to move forward with you plan and create the new life that you want for yourself.

Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
ChristineDu1 Premium
Exactly, Nichola, that's what I'm doing.
There's never a lack of courage here. I wouldn't write about something if I'm not going to do it :-)
NicholaJames Premium
Awesome! 😀😍
Jesusfan Premium
As I was reading your blog, I was coming to the same conclusion you came to. It's time to quit.

However, it doesn't sound like you will quit teaching, but will find another avenue.

I got into WA after I quit my job. I miss some things, but in reality, I can't imagine going back.

ChristineDu1 Premium
Hi Lynn,

Perhaps I may not fully quit teaching because I do love it, but I'll quit school and my many bosses. It's a bit scary to think about that step, but I will do it. I'm glad that you made that choice and are happy with it. It inspires me.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Christine,

I commend you for taking the plunge and going solo. You may be pleasantly surprised when you start to earn more than your current teaching job.

You stated you have rebellious teenagers in your class. Have you shared that they are not the only students in your class? That you are one too. A student learning to build an online business. I am sure that a couple of more may want to know more.

Who knows, you may have an impact on your students in a different way that could help them in other ways.

I wish you much success in your business-building activities.


ChristineDu1 Premium
Hi Edwin,

I'm working on those students and in the last class I already had more positive results. The problem is that I am only with them 3 days a week, and so on those other days I am not sure how they behave with other teachers and how much they get away with, so when I have them back, it feels as if I have to start from 0 again, but I'm not giving up. It's not the whole group either, there are several students who find it as annoying as I do. We'll get there :-)

I aim to make more money freelancing. My teaching job is not paying me enough. I still haven't finished putting the roof on my kitchen and it's taking a long time. With my teaching salary it will always be hard to get my house built. I need more.

Upwork is still in the beginning stages, no jobs there yet, but I am going to check out other platforms as well.
Thanks for your comment!
MattLin Premium
What a brave decision you made. I quit my job back in April to focus on my website, but it did take longer than I thought to monetize it, so I went back to the office after a 4-month break.

Now, I am still trying to find the balance between my 9-5 and my website. Anyway, I applaud for what you've done today, and yes, "Never Give Up!"

ChristineDu1 Premium
Hi Matt,

You're also brave because you already did it. even if it didn't work out and you went back to the office. But if your 9 to 5 job is too stressful for you there are many online alternatives that could give you a steady or sort of steady income too. Don't give up :-)