Black Friday Offer

Last Update: December 01, 2013

Just very quickly from my very tenuous internet connection: how do I take advantage when Helpful comments much appreciated!f it If the tab does not open? Can I just do it from my banking site without any links?

Update: Managed to connect, all sorted.

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christine2 Premium
All sorted! many thanks!
Internetgranny Premium
Hi Beate. First off - if you are already on a yearly membership, then you cannot take advantage of the Black Friday Special.

If you are monthly, then you are eligible. But, as far as I know, you will need to click on some sort of link for the special. If it doesn't work for some reason, then I suggest you PM Kyle or Carson. At this moment in time you still have a day and 13 hours left.
AntoniOom Premium
Hi Beate. I juist went annual for the special price and got before that every time I opened for WA the message that i could check if I was eligable. and now this messagen doesn not appear anymore. I just tried start (again) as a guest and suddenly the same (old) message etc. appeared again. May be this a way for to try; Good luck! Antonius.
Cortex2k Premium
Hi Christine

I think you have to use the black friday link (but not completely sure). Have you checked for popup blocker or tried another browser when clicking the black friday offer?
christine2 Premium
Thanks for all the comments, all sorted, have internet trouble, I am using my cellphone to connect which is very slow.