I'm Somewhat Torn.

Last Update: June 17, 2016

After coming back from my several months long hiatus, and trying to get back into the swing of things; I continue finding myself stalling out. I really want to make this work, but I often wonder if I want it bad enough. Why can't I find the motivation to see this through?

Did I set myself up for failure when I decided to go into the already saturated "make money online" niche? It's hyper competitive, it's saturated, and the make money online niche is definitely not for the faint of heart. I find it hard to say WA is the end all be all of affiliate marketing. I'm just having a heck of a time coming to terms promoting WA when I have yet to make a dime. Don't get me wrong, WA has A LOT of great content, and the community is outstanding. It's just that I'm not living proof this works. How can I represent this community, when I've seen very few results? Does that make me a poser?

I try to keep telling myself not to expect instant gratification. Progress will be slow, but be in it for the long haul. Focus on the long game, I will make it. Despite telling myself all this, I still find it so damn hard.

I enjoy helping others, and don't want to see new affiliate marketers sink money into products which lead them into a dead end. I suppose part of my lack of motivation comes from not enjoying the niche I'm in.

The difficult question is: What should I do? Should I abandon my current site, and start from scratch? Should I scrap what progress I've made, and search for greener pastures (other niches)?

I apologize for the tone of this post. I hate being a Debbie Downer. Hopefully, I can one day come back to this, and be elated that I proved myself wrong.

To end this on a lighter note, I'll just say: For those of you seeing success, I'm not mad nor envious. In fact, I'm happy for you. Whatever it is you're doing, continue doing it; keep on truckin'.

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jkryscynski Premium
Hey Chris,
I have felt the same way in my less than a month here at WA. Here's my advice for what its worth...

Many people have multiple niche sites. I have two already, one being the same as yours. It's a great way to learn and promote WA which can generate some nice income in its own right.

As the old saying goes, two is better than 1. Keep pushing!
Defiant6 Premium
I know exactly how you feel. I've been with WA for 2 and a half years now and I have not made a penny from affiliate sales thus far. Awhile back I lost motivation and didn't work on my website for a couple of months and then very sporadically after that. What brought me back as motivation is that I'm sick of my day job and I really want to be successful with an online business.

Now just because I haven't had an affiliate sale yet does not mean I have not had any successes. I've worked on my website much more consistently this year and my efforts have started to bear fruit. My traffic has steadily increased and I have started earning revenue for the first time through Google AdSense which is steadily increasing.

I've also recently started getting out of my comfort zone and now trying different things such as embracing social media more when I was reluctant to a few months ago and I've been going to question sites to answer the questions I can related to my niche so I can become an authority there and gain some traffic that way. It's heading towards a positive trend now. If I had just completely quit, I wouldn't have seen the little successes I'm seeing now which honestly are big successes because a year ago I was nowhere near reaching these.

It is true that some niches are more difficult than others, but not impossible. My website targets the video game niche, but more of a certain segment of games that I really enjoy. It has been a struggle to get affiliate sales there as well, but since I do enjoy that niche I continue on and I believe it will be just a matter of time before I get my first video game affiliate sale.

I'm also getting ready to work on a second website in which I will be able to promote WA. It was always one of my goals to do this, but I would not start on it until I started earning revenue from my first website. Well now I reached that goal thanks to AdSense and I eagerly look forward to working on this new site and going though the Affiliate Bootcamp. I know it is definitely going to take time and work and be a little difficult and maybe discouraging at times, but I do believe I can be successful with it. I do want to make it to Vegas as my goal is to do it at least once before this decade is out.

You just need to find what motivates you. It is very hard to get back into the groove of things when you've been away from it for awhile and you begin to question whether it is worth it or if you'll ever see success with it. If it isn't a niche you enjoy, don't stay in it! There are SOOOOOOO many more niches out there that you can do and be successful with.

I know for myself I don't want to quit. My mind is running daily of thinking about things and ways that I can improve my business to be successful and I want to get out of the job that I currently work and travel a lot more. I know if I quit WA and working on my website (soon to be 2), I will never reach my goals in life and I will continue on unhappy with my current situation. I do not want that and so I refuse to quit.

I wish you the best with whatever you do, but I encourage you to keep pressing forward or try to find a niche you really enjoy that you know you can stick with even when you go away from it for awhile.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Oh dude, there's no such thing as saturated! You just need to know that you can find plenty of products to talk about:


You can also write posts on topics within WA that are covered such as marketing questions people have. There's 100's of different topics here people ask that the general public also asks.

You can write a post on these things and this will give you more work than you can imagine!
JudeP Premium
Maybe put the WA one on the backburner for a while and try something new? :)
GinaGo Premium
Maybe watching some of Jay's video training would help. Finding a new niche might be just the ticket to get you motivated again. He just recently completed a WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series with 5 videos https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/webinar. I am rooting for you! ~Gina