Working on more than one Niche.

Last Update: September 20, 2015

Working on more than one Niche:

Why you should more on more than one niche:

  1. You have a wide range of expertise and are familiar with how to build your niche into an online authority.
  2. You have the time to tend to more than one project.
  3. You don't get easily frustrated.
  4. Multi tasking is a pleasure not a chore.
  5. You have a wealth of knowledge just waiting to poor out.

Why you should not work on more than one niche:

  1. You're new to the process and have yet to master the format.
  2. You have limited time to work on your project.
  3. You spend more time learning material than on application of material.
  4. You're still in the process of accumulating specialized knowledge.

Working on more than one niche - What should I do?

Follow the advise of other members and trust your own self judgment. Although the golden rule is to only work on one niche at most, everyone is different. Use your own judgment weighed against your own experience.

What do you think?

Share your ideas, suggestions, feedback, questions and anything else you can think of!
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ConeyM Premium
I read a blog, that in order to create a worthy endeavor for financial reward is not to limit having just one website. I believe that it depends on the capabilities and the energy of an individual. I guess, each of us are different in our outlook and the ability managing time for results.
sherlock77 Premium
I think diversify Don't stake your whole future on the success of one project.
Ruthchicago Premium
I am thinking about a 2nd niche also....but only once I master the current one...
krazykat Premium
I think one niche at a time. Once I feel like an authority in that niche, maybe then move on to another.
cobrien1telu Premium
I have always found I am able to produce something better if I am able to focus on it. I have never liked multitasking and like to do the best job I can and I know I would not be able to do that with more than one niche (at least not at this time).