From $0 to Making a 4-Figure Affiliate Income Every Month

Last Update: February 25, 2021

Are you struggling to make money from affiliate marketing? If yes, this post may help you.

I'm now making a consistent 4-figure affiliate income every month. I still remember the days when I struggled to make a penny. Luckily, those days didn't last long.

I realised that most people fail to make money because of committing these 7 common mistakes. After I corrected these 7 common mistakes myself, my affiliate marketing business starts to gain traction and money automatically flows into my bank account.

7 Common Mistakes of Affiliate Marketers

1. Selling vs Helping

Many affiliate marketers focus on selling rather than helping. They want to make quick money. This mindset is destined to fail. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must create high-value content and put your reader's interests first.

So you shouldn't overuse banner ads or pop-ups that are intrusive and frustrate your website visitors.

2. Ignoring Site Speed

Do you know bounce rate increases by 50% when your web page takes more than 2 seconds to load? People are very impatient nowadays. If your website keeps people waiting, I'm sure they will leave immediately.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have access to one of the best web hosting services in the world. However, the webserver is just one of the factors that contribute to site performance. You have to improve your site speed by installing plugins and do some configurations, which you have to learn.

3. Publish Low-quality Content

As an affiliate marketer, you don't create or own any products. Content is your product. You get link clicks and sales because of the great content that readers like.

Doing keyword research for low-hanging fruits is not enough. You have to produce high-quality blog posts in order to outrank your competition in the SERPs.

4. Don't Understand What You're Selling

Many affiliate marketers don't know what they're writing about. Readers are savvy, so if you don't know the stuff in your niche, they will find it out and will not trust your words.

That's why it's important to choose a niche that you have knowledge of. Also, you should equip yourself with the knowledge by reading blogs, books and forums. This will help in the long run.

5. Ignoring the Readability of Content

Visitors have short attention spans nowadays. You have to make sure your content is easy to read. For example, avoid long paragraphs. Keep one paragraph to 4 sentences or less.

Studies show that a sentence becomes hard for people to read when there are more than 25 words.

6. Lack of Evergreen Content

To maintain stable traffic to your website for stable affiliate income, you should create some content that has a consistent search volume throughout the year. That is what we call the "evergreen content"

Also, evergreen content tends to attract more backlinks from other blogs, which can boost your domain authority and hence helps other content to rank higher.

It might take a longer time to create evergreen content, but it's worth it in the long term.

7. Ignoring the SEO Basics

Publishing a post without doing proper SEO is wasting your time and efforts. For example, many affiliate marketers don't write proper title tag and meta description, such that it's not possible for people to find your content.

At WA, you can learn a lot of SEO technique to optimise our content, so if you don't follow what is taught and doesn't see results, it's not the fault of WA but yours.

Wrap Up

Success is not just about doing the right things, but avoid committing mistakes that hinder your success.

If you making these 7 mistakes, you should correct them and I'm sure you will see results soon.

I look forward to your success stories!

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Defiant6 Premium
Thank you for sharing this, but there is something you mentioned that has always generally been a concern of mine. How do I truly know if my content is high quality or low quality as I'm concerned that my content may not be good enough. I write about what I know and sometimes I don't know if it's truly what someone wants to read or not.
countrylife Premium
Hello Isaac, I am Lula. I like reading your blog posts, you seem to be a sensible person who exactly knows how to make a $ value and I am so happy to be following you. You set up an example, we must adequately follow in your steps achieving greater heights and success. Wish you well and a terrific day.
SylviaChrist Premium
Thank you very much, Isaac! Very great post! I still have problems with site speed. I need to fix it! :)
CheungIsaac Premium
Thanks Sylvia :)
SylviaChrist Premium
I have studied your website! I have learned from it. Thank you very much! :)
Only1Hugh Premium
Isaac this post is extremely useful and one which I have taken careful note of. Thank you.
CheungIsaac Premium
Thanks Hugh :)
1Rudy1 Premium
Very helpful strategy, here. Something I must do is to improve my site speed.

Thanks for sharing...
CheungIsaac Premium
You're welcome Rudy :)