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Are you struggling to make money from affiliate marketing? If yes, this post may help you.I'm now making a consistent 4-figure affiliate income every month. I still remember the days when I struggled to make a penny. Luckily, those days didn't last long.I realised that most people fail to make money because of committing these 7 common mistakes. After I corrected these 7 common mistakes myself, my affiliate marketing business starts to gain traction and money automatically flows into my bank ac
September 06, 2020
Some people ask me why they should host their websites on Wealthy Affiliate when there are other cheaper alternatives.Many people think $49/Month is too expensive.But when you consider the quality of WA hosting, you won't feel overcharged.Because WA's hosting is really one of the best in the industry.We all know website speed is one of the most critical factors to rank on Google and optimise conversion rate.I host all my websites on WA. And so far, most of my blog posts are having almost full s
To get ranked on the search engine, it is something that can be achieved by just following the rules. It is not magic. Through experience and learning from experts here at Wealthy Affiliate, this checklist is compiled for reference. Having a checklist is a good and easy way to make sure nothing is missed for SEO:Post title includes targeted keyword and it is catchy enough to attract people to clickMeta title includes targeted keywordMeta description includes targeted keywordSocial media title i