We not only can make, but also can give

Last Update: September 18, 2015

I recently followed a new WA member who is primarily involved in humane activities in improving the wellbeing of the members of vulnerable segment in the developing countries in Asia.His work triggered my interest to follow further.

I suggested to him that what he is doing can be a niche.However, he seems to be a bit hesitate to use it as a niche because of a general understanding and common goal in WA community that we’re all in WA for making money.

On the front of “making money”, I agree that this is true.But if we look into it in a little bit wider angle, volunteers working with charitable or humane organizations also need money to carry out the work towards their goal.It is no difference from majority of the WA members joining and collaborating in WA to make money for improving our life.The only difference is whether it is for self or for others.

And I believe it is also human instinct to help others, we all need brotherhood of human to make our society caring an better for living.There are many in the world who are willing to give and to devote for the others in need.But many of us need someone to make us known of the opportunities to help others in need.

Hence I think WA is not just for prevailing individual motive of making money and improving life, but also applicable for moral objective in helping poor people.

To give is more fortunate than to receive.

I welcome any thoughts on this.

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bill808 Premium Plus
Iʻʻm a conservationist first and an internet entrepreneur second. If I had the money to finance what I want to do as a conservationist I would concentrate my time on that.

In these chaotic times, I believe we all have to build resilience into our lives. You cannot be resilient if you are struggling to pay your bills. Resilience requires personal preparedness and financial resilience. Having adequate income to be able to pursue our dreams has to come first.

If your friend has all the money he needs to accomplish his goal of helping others in need he doesnʻt need WA or the internet. I am working with non-profits in Hawaii and a couple of schools in Africa to help them build their organizations through publicizing their work and their needs on the internet. They need supporting members, and I need income to finance my work.

WA has taught me how to do what I do and WA continues to teach me every day. Even if your friend plans to outsource all his internet work, he still needs WA so he can learn what is possible and what to look out for. Without that knowledge he will never know whether he is getting his moneyʻs worth from his webmaster.
psbisht Premium
I agreed with ur thoughts
PeteWeaver Premium
I believe we need to take in consideration of the ratings here at WA. It trains us to be helpful and show leadership. There is no money involve.
aminul72 Premium
krazykat Premium
I absolutely agree.