What is my ranking?

Last Update: July 11, 2016

I know that I see blogs all the time with concerns about ranking...I actually today rank at 728..and really don't care...I have followed the training and built a website that makes enough money for me to work from home...don't get caught up in how you rank because you will spend a lot of time building your rank instead of building your business...I see people who rank very well in WA but have no referrals and make no money...don't focus on that nonsense..follow your training so that you can make money...if you are here for just social purposes then carry on with your ranking! Dean

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RayAleksandr Premium
I agree Dean, I don't care about my rankings either. All my focus is on making money online. WA community is to learn new techniques from and help others in return. People here like Robert and PJ are so helpful, I'm forever grateful. Some others...not so much lol!
MPollock Premium
So true.
Robert-A Premium
You got it spot on Dean. I am an ambassador but I never set out to attain that status.
It just happened because I help a lot.
This I do because its my nature to help and I like to believe I have helped people such as yourself to reach the same level of succes as I have and perhaps beyond.
Onwards and upwards Dean and enjoy your day/evening.
PjGermain Premium
LOL! Well said! :-)
DaleOdom Premium
Thanks Dean,
I really don't care what my ranking is. I am trying to learn how to make money so I can give up my other JOB. LOL