A Call to Bring Back Job Offering in WA

Last Update: February 23, 2013
I know I was not so active during the past months inside WA but I just got back and talked to many awesome people here just now. I really missed this community and it's nice to chit-chat with other members again...

Anyway, while chatting, the issue about job offering here at WA was brought out. I know a lot of us got frustrated when Kyle and Carson decided to stop it. I understand why they did so because some members abused it. Unfortunately, there are still many of us who are doing things nicely and yet we can no longer offer jobs.

But, is there a chance for "jobs' here to come back?

I remember one time when I asked Kyle about this and he said that they may bring it back soon if they will see its value, but not "at the moment." Of course they are the "boss" and the decision is theirs. I personally hope however that they will bring it back. Maybe they just have to add more rules or something, for others not to abuse it.

I understand that members cannot advertise any IM related products here or membership sites of some sort. But how about article writing, video creation, web design, and other related services? Yeah we can offer those services at many other places like Odesk, Elance, etc but man, it's not that easy since the competition is very hard.

So why am I so concerned about job posting here? Is affiliate marketing not good enough?

Of course affiliate marketing is awesome but in reality, not all members here are already making enough money from affiliate marketing (we all know we have to grow the business for a long time). I myself was not able to pay my monthly fees during my first nearly a year here if not because of the services I offered. In the side of beginning members, job posting is a great help. Moreover, affiliate sales have some dry seasons and services here can cover some bills a bit. That's the reason why "WA jobs" is one of the bullet points in the pros of my WA review before.

Even for successful members, WA jobs are also helpful. Not all of us own all the time and sometimes, we have to outsource some of our tasks. Aside from getting help, we are also helping those who need some extra jobs. It's a win-win situation I guess. So instead of giving the job to other people outside WA, why not help our fellow members here by paying them to do the things we cannot do, right?

What do you think?

I know Kyle and Carson has the final say here but I just want to know the opinion of my fellow members. I hope that through our thoughts, Kyle and Carson can consider things. If you have any thoughts, please add it in the comments below...


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midhunvm Premium
Wish WA jobs return :)
Kyle Premium
There are many "other" places that you can go to get work, not sure why people would need an additional one here. The services like elance, fiverr, etc are dedicated to this and our very vast "job" networks that should be leveraged.

If we do add the Jobs it will be in a way that will not allow for ANY spam or promotions as this was the reason it was removed in the first place.
BIS Premium
I can see why they removed it. It did get abused - which means the majority lose out because of the behaviour of a minority. Unfortunately the brand also gets tarnished whenever someone is stupid enough to do this.

K & C will want to be cautious about what is offered through the jobs and they would have to consider whether it's a free for all or they need to police it. Could be time consuming and not worth it. Newcomers won't be a good judge of what is good or what isn't and that could be potentially damaging for WA's reputation. On the sites you mention - they are job sites - so it's not comparing like with like. WA is offering something different.

I think I am probably in the 'not bothered camp'
chamaltatis Premium
Thanks for your thoughts BIS and you have some of points here.
bryonbrewer Premium
I imagine there were/are good reasons for it being taken away, and I think if it did come back it would have to be premium only and closesly monitored, but it would also be a very good thing for people who are still building their sites up, but have skills in writing or designing or something like that, and want a few bucks to keep themselves afloat
chamaltatis Premium
I agree!
Shawn Martin Premium
I would love to see it happen. We shall see. :)
chamaltatis Premium
Let's wait for Kyle and Carson to see this post.
Hudson Premium
Thanks for this - Jobs has not been available in WA since I joined last year. From your post I can see the benefit of it and will watch this space carefully,
chamaltatis Premium
Yeah it was great though some abused it so they removed it. I hope with some rules, they will bring it back...