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April 01, 2013
That's right, your Youtube video marketing now comes to an end...YouTube Is Shutting Down 2013 Happy April Fools Day everyone!
I know I was not so active during the past months inside WA but I just got back and talked to many awesome people here just now. I really missed this community and it's nice to chit-chat with other members again... Anyway, while chatting, the issue about job offering here at WA was brought out. I know a lot of us got frustrated when Kyle and Carson decided to stop it. I understand why they did so because some members abused it. Unfortunately, there are still many of us who are doing things n
December 21, 2012
Jay was looking for the KABOOM a while ago and he can't find one. Thus, I created one for ya! Watch this video. I'm giving it as a gift to any interested WA affiliate so just share it and leave some comment below if you want to get the high res video I made. ADDITIONAL INFO (I forgot last night since I already got sleepy making this video): By the way, for those who are interested to get the HD file (720p) of this video, you can request by sending me a message at chamaltatis@g
As I mentioned in my blog post before, I want to share a FREE WA promo video to you. I made a draft before and incorporating some of your comments, I improved the video a bit. I admit I wasn't able to add some of the needed things such as narrations and what not. Well, let me do that in the next video maybe. For now, this is what I can share....But as I said, it's FREE so you know, just download the video from vimeo or send me a pm with your email address and let me send you the AVI form
Hi fellow WA members! How's everybody here? As some of you may already know, I'm a video editor and I just created a WA promo vid and I want to share it to you. Here it is: say what you think about the video because I might be making a generic vid that I can share to the WA community. In that way, all WA affiliates can use it in their Youtube channels. I'm also planning to make some more designs from my templates. So just share that vi
Hi fellow WA members! How's everybody going on? I know I was not so active during the past days and months because I got busy with many things - writing articles, building new sites, editing videos, and a lot more. Article writing became my best source of income along with video editing. While pondering things, I thought of working for you guys. I think it's a good idea for me to offer discounted article writing service for my fellow WA members. In this way, we can help each other. I hav
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It's June 22, 2012 here in my timezone (probably still 21 for most of you guys) and it's been a year since I joined Wealthy Affiliate University! Gonna Start Working At Home At Last!Before going back to my experiences during the whole year, I just wanna say that starting next week, I'll be working at home, with all the comfort of my own schedule and everything. We will be buying an i7 computer tomorrow and I will be doing my video editing job at home plus my online business. I'm
 I'm already turning 4 months this coming October 22 and I think I'll just make another blog post to update myself and share to the WA community what happened to me so far. Another thing is that, I've been here for a while and I can still see my blogs empty (I mean only few posts are there) so let me just add one now.   When I was doing my success in 30 days, I was always excited to wake up in the morning to see my assignment for the day. I religiously followed the schedule even i
Welcome back to my video production tutorial website! It was wiped out but now it's back there in the first page - no. 4
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September 18, 2011
Finally I'm now a platinum member! Thanks to the throw back promo of Kyle and Carson. I'm so excited to make more websites now. Wealthy Affiliate is really the best place to learn while earn at the same time.
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