I Went To Aweber Headquarters!

Last Update: October 18, 2019

Hey Wealthy Affiliate!

I just wanted to share a great life experience I had yesterday with the community. It was amazing.

Most of us have heard of Aweber, it is a very popular Autoresponder service, and many of us use it for email marketing, including myself.

I was emailed from the company offering me a free ticket to attend an event that the company would be providing called "Growth From The Inbox".

I gladly accepted the invite, because I did not know the company headquarters were so close to me.

I live in New Jersey, and Aweber is located next door in Eastern Pennsylvania.

It was a few hours of travel back and forth, but I did not mind it. I felt the opportunity was well worth it.

I imagined I could learn so much about email marketing from the experts who created this autoresonder program.

So I finally arrived.

The small business summit was scheduled from 4:00PM-8:00PM. As soon as I arrived I was greeted and offered to get some food, so I had some pizza and a few drinks.

Then I was offered 1 one 1 coaching with an expert on my drip email campaigns. They went through my account and gave me some pointers.

Let me tell you, I thought I had it all figured out, but I didn't. My campaign was good, but there were so many little things that could make it so much better.

I learned so much, I could have sat with that person all night. But I got enough done with them to improve my email marketing.

The events were starting next, and there were so many to choose from but not enough time. I went to 5 out of 8 seminars which I thought would benefit me most.

In between the seminars I would go back for refreshments, and would meet new people every time.

It is so rare to find someone else on a regular basis in public who also does what you do, which is online marketing.

I felt at home, since we all did the same thing and had the same interests. I met a lot of people, it was a great networking opportunity.

I met and got close to some specialist who work for Aweber directly. I met their product manager and their senior content marketing specialist as well as a nice woman who actually works for SEMrush.

I also learned I need to invest in business cards lol.

I made some new friends and learned so much, and had a great time in the process. I just wanted to share that with the community.

Thanks for listening WA,


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Wdcope Premium
It seems like an awesome time. I always liked visiting the headquarters of network marketing companies I built organizations with and meeting those I saw in print and spoke to online.

The same thing goes for the various regional and national events. This is why the opportunity to meet in Vegas is super! Great incentive to be offered us for sure.

Yes business cards even just generic stating you do online marketing with contact info is so very important every day. I do a lot of offline work in marketing, and havinga card is so valuable, along with picking up cards of those I interact with.

Perhaps you will post information you learned to share with the WA Community.
Take care,
Cdelahoz Premium
Absolutely Bill, these kind of meetings are all great opportunities.

I agree with you about business cards as well, and I sure will share what I have learned. A lot of it is still settling in my mind lol.

Thanks for reading!
YumaBloggers Premium
I want to go to Google HQ they have laser tag and bean bag furniture
Cdelahoz Premium
I would love to go there as well!
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Sounds like a great experience. Thanks for sharing! Would be fun to visit one day in such an event too.
Cdelahoz Premium
Thanks Robert!
WendyFisher Premium
Oh, I'm envious! Congratulations. =)
Cdelahoz Premium
Thank you Wendy!
markdavid371 Premium
Wow great opportunity to mastermind with people of like minds, I congrats.
Cdelahoz Premium
Thanks Mark!