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Last Update: September 15, 2016

What does FREE look like to you? How about a FREE gig where you get to compare your handwriting and eyebrows to hundreds of other people?! Yup, you read correctly.

Of course, I did clarify that this is for Wealthy Affiliate Members only with the clarification that you need to be Premium. When I first did this, I didn't think of monetizing on the site so quickly. It was Mel that gave me the idea.

I've already had one fellow and one gal give permission to use either eyebrows or handwriting on the site, but I'm looking for a LARGER audience. Here's what I hope to achieve through this endeavor. I hope to show

  • your thinking style
  • how your style can be complimented
  • via Google's short links, enable the use of the QR code so that you can share your results on social networking sites.
  • teach people how to analyze handwriting on their own sphere of influence
  • integrate graphology with body language
  • solo workers how to work with a team and vice versa (team to find their solo strengths)
  • your individual personality traits you thought were negative and how they can be your strengths

This and MUCH, MUCH more!

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AndiTointon Premium
This all sounds really interesting to me. I was looking at my handwriting in my duplicate copy pad only yesterday because I needed to write a note to my daughter's headmaster of her school. and one of the past notes I had written was quite different. I have had this pad some years.
AndiTointon Premium
If I could help, I would be very happy to.
onmyownterms Premium
Glad I could be of help. (For those that don't know - I'm Mel). :)