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The subject read as follows:"Domain Notification for PENBROWPERSON.COM : This is your Final Notice of Domain Listin..."Curious, I clicked on the message. It contained nothing except my email said it had blocked images. Further curious, I clicked to show images. I was intrigued when my mouse pointer didn't change into a cursor, but I was still able to copy the following."Response Requested By08 - October - 2016PART I: REVIEW NOTICEAttn: REGISTRATION PRIVATEAs a courtesy to domain name holders,
2 years ago, a few members got together here and created a compilation of the type of music they listen to while writing. #PowerWriting is a real deal. It's the combination of music + concentration of writing. You combine your favorite type of music and your niche of you can go places!This #writingresource is two-fold. Firstly, it provides the starting place for what I'm making available to the WA family. This music is also from the YouTube channel "NoCopyrightSounds" which is lit
September 15, 2016
What does FREE look like to you? How about a FREE gig where you get to compare your handwriting and eyebrows to hundreds of other people?! Yup, you read correctly. course, I did clarify that this is for Wealthy Affiliate Members only with the clarification that you need to be Premium. When I first did this, I didn't think of monetizing on the site so quickly. It was Mel that gave me the idea.I've already had one fellow and one gal give perm
I know, this is the second time I'm mentioning this. But, I've gotten the attention of one person and that one person was brave enough to send me a handwriting sample. I have to thank for her outstanding bravery in being the first one to get me analytical after nearly 2 years not doing this.My theme is Twenty Fourteen and I particularly like it because it allows a simple setup to go very detailed. A previous site had this setup and I had made my parent
It's a fair question. You may not like the answer, but you inspired me to give an answer that, after 3 paragraphs in, I realized that my answer was a blog, not a reply to a question on the Feedback page. Nonetheless, all who have followed the link that I left to the answer here, will see that I did give an answer. Maybe not the answer you were expecting.The truth of the answer is less than desirable: Whether or not we have made any money is quite frankly, none of your business. And, while that
May 13, 2015
I've been having a blah day, but my thought process is just zooming along. Rather like a light bulb, I began to wonder about the sayings that other people had come across that were spoken into their lives. So, I have a question:Could you share with me a thought or piece of advice you got that changed your life for the better?I will be reading from the responses here and putting together something hopefully tonight, depending on how heavy the responses rain in.CC1
When I first joined WA, it was just my hobby. I wasn't sharing anything with anybody and pretty much stayed to myself. There were times I'd be staying up till 3 am and not showing my face to the rest of the family. That got me in a bit of trouble, especially yesterday. I forgot the what day it was! If you are going through your Internet Marketing and forgetting about the rest of your family or friends, you are making this into an unhealthy obsession. When I see comments like, "My family doe
January 04, 2015
Other than the little bits of posts that I have here and there, I have 56 posts and 32 pages. I'm not going to highlight all of them, but there are a notable 20 that have made an impact on me personally. This is the Top 20 of I Try Creative Chem! 20. Totally copying and pasting here! I discuss the art of being original. Copying and pasting from somebody else's work is plagiarism, theft, and it makes you look dirty in the long run. Let your work be YOUR work instead of the work of somebody
(Person asking the question) Hi I was in chat with you the other night ans you said something about affiliate networks not liking having websites in your comments. I have some questions about this. You see on so many blogs, comments that link to people's websites. A lot of bloggers comment on sites to have that link left. Why would you need to delete them? Wouldn't affiliate networks know that these are just your comments and not free advertisements??? Thanks for your time :) (My Answers) Answe
Since The Russian who hates vodka wrote a VERY inspiring blog post, this is from a life-changing network marketing story. The approach Many people have the thinking that "My idea is going to change the world because people will buy from me." Nice try, but that thinking sucks. Or rather, steals. The idea that people will want to buy is pointless unless you provide a reason to buy. You cannot provide a reason to buy unless you have a story. Each person has a story. Each person has been put do