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Last Update: January 12, 2015

When I first joined WA, it was just my hobby. I wasn't sharing anything with anybody and pretty much stayed to myself. There were times I'd be staying up till 3 am and not showing my face to the rest of the family. That got me in a bit of trouble, especially yesterday.

I forgot the what day it was!

If you are going through your Internet Marketing and forgetting about the rest of your family or friends, you are making this into an unhealthy obsession. When I see comments like, "My family doesn't see much of me," I smile in the moment, but then start thinking of my own.

I'm not doing my part if my own family has to wonder what I'm doing. The best way for you to succeed on the home and family front is to be real about what you're undertaking. I've heard of people creating businesses and really making a lot of money. But because of forgetting the important people in life, you can really mess up what you're trying to do. Kinda like this guy I saw.

He was on his phone and his girl sitting next to him. They were at a hockey game and he was in a conversation. The girl tries to get his attention, but he's busy. Maybe he thinks his business is more important. Either way, I wouldn't want to do what this guy did.

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CC1 Premium
I've never seen this happen in my lifetime, but yes, it was hilarious!
islandcat7 Premium
Larry MaC Premium
Good one. thanks for the share.
Janne444 Premium
lol, that YouTube video is hysterical, thanks for the laugh :)
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Time for internet and time for Being social Whit out Being online when youre a entrapaneur Then It's your passion People Around must understand That Or you must help them to understand