Just Learn To Be Different

Last Update: July 16, 2021

You need to decide to be different. It doesn't matter what the economy, weather report, bank balance, or family background says. Just decide to be different.

Be different in your decision-making, be different in your goal settings, be different in your actions, be different in your thinking, be different in the values you bring to the marketplace or the world.

Just decide to be different.

Decide to be different because you are unique and special. No one can be you and you can't be anyone. Embrace every moment, positive or negative. There are always valuable lessons in every experience.

Set Smart Goals

Set bigger but realistic goals. Set smaller but meaningful goals that feed into your bigger goals. Let your little goals serve as the indicators that point towards the occurrence of your bigger goals. In order words, start the small but with bigger pictures always in mind.

Develop an easy-to-follow system that will make taking actions on your goals automatic. Systems are trackers that help you develop an automatic routine around your goals.

Make sure your systems are helping you perform meaningful actions before you can even realize it. To put it another way, get addicted to taking actions on your goals.

One thing to remember is that your goals are not meant to depress you, they are there to challenge you in bringing out the best version of you.

Though some goals will scare the daylight out of you, just know it's normal. Your brain is just calculating the delta in time, space, or reality (the difference between what you see now and what you see in your imagination).

In fact, it is a good state to be in because if you stay there long enough, your brain will automatically adjust and accept the mental picture as your new reality.

So If you promise yourself to write one article every week, set up a system that will remove distractions and make the your work routines automatically obvious.

Willpower is not always like you believe it to be

Don't always depend on your willpower when working towards your goals. Willpower is subjected to neurological, biological, and psychological factors that sometimes work against your interest.

One awesome book I would recommend around habits and systems formation is Atomic Habits by James Clear. You may also want to consider two others books. The Power of Habits and The Molecule of More.

Compete only with the version you were yesterday

Don't compete with others for anything. There are more than enough to be created in the universe. Only compete with who you were yesterday. Make sure there is at least tiny progress between where you were yesterday and where you are today.

Just be a little patient with yourself. Appreciate yourself for the little actions and wins.Appreciating yourself is an act of gratitude to you and to the people who supported you in the process.

If you are truly different, you will stand out in your own unique ways. You will become free from the pressure of competition and live in a beautiful state of co-creation. As it is often said, you are to create not to compete for what is already created.

So If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. And one sure way to do that is to be DIFFIRENT.

I wish you a calmed, focused, and productive weekend.

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Newme202 Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate
Interesting post
I strive to be different at all time
I find myself unique and has a different way of doing things

This is my takeaway from your blog
"So If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. And one sure way to do that is to be DIFFIRENT."

I have a similar poster on my wall :)
CB6 Premium
Thanks a million Newme for your awesome commit. I will check out yours too. Cheers!!/
countrylife Premium
Great blog post and true what you are saying
Noticed few amazon links in your blog post and wondering if you have read Kyle's latest blog post Wishing you continued success.
CB6 Premium
Thanks Country Life. I didn't know that was the rule. I have now removed the links from the post.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - thank you for this post, but do be aware that you cannot add affiliate links to a WA blog, and they need to be removed.
CB6 Premium
Thanks Diane, I have made the change. I didn't know that was the rule here. I am grateful.