Google Academy - Why Keywords Are So Important

Last Update: March 05, 2014

The first video on Fundamentals of GA. Quite humorous for one done back in 2012. The perspective in why keywords are so important, what our visitors are searching for, how critically important it is to make it easier for our visitors to find us. The milk search peril this bloke experienced made me do I make my site easier to find?

I believe searchable and brandable are equally important as searchable and exact match domains. Our sites must be easily searchable to get our visitors to our sites. Our content is what keeps them there or returning.

Wait for the advanced search guy to find why queries and categories for your site are also important. Really funny. I posed this question in SEO discussions (and now can't find it).

Videos in GA and YouTube.

Google Academy starts March 11. There are two levels. Beginners and Advanced. With the training we have received here at the WA, the how to set up GA on our sites with our experience in All in One SEO in Wordpress may give me a head start in the certificated program.

Must pass a test at 80%. As a student and educator, know what this means.

There is a purpose to my madness, I suppose. When I got back after my last hospital visit found the GA for my site still wasn't right with the help received along the way. Didn't realize the complete transfer of my .siterubix to my own domain requires a separate GA ID. Need more help, so hoping these courses will provide it.

Also thinking the certificate may be useful to add to my local community website for my clients. Probably.

Rankings in GA and Googlitis

Useful to understand how to tweak all my sites? Possibly. Will see, as I tweak to stay up at #1 in my Google Search rankings. But my focus must remain to tweak my WA site, to go through the SEO Review Checklist again and picking more low hanging fruits.

The academy is set up to go at your own pace. Just like the WA. Probably should avoid googlitis (TJBooks blog) since I don't want to take time away from writing content yet could be useful to improve my purpose - provide searchable information and solutions to my readers.

Along with the certifications here at the WA. Doesn't hurt to understand how Google thinks a little better. As newbies, getting your site up, finishing one training course while you are writing content is suggested first.

Am writing this for all those above me in the WA rankings, as I slowly climb back to where I was before my move to the country and my major hospital visit happened.

Finishing up Fundamentals today. Will keep you posted. Am not a techy. Seems every time I pose a question, the techy lingo is what I lack, having to restate makes getting the answer I need a long process. To whom I am posing my question, always gets the next question - what do you exactly mean. I feel badly and insufficient to those I question. Specifics seems necessary to get a specific answer.

Differing levels of Understanding

Everyday am so proud to see many in my network produce a great website. Am wondering how they got the answers I didn't. Am my most lethal critic, but the feedback I receive and apply doesn't make my website get there.

After spending two hours, a half hour reading blogs, discussions and members trainings another 15 minutes or more as I continue to seek the answers, the remainder writing, I need to progress. Seem not to be.

Started at ground zero here with experience in Google websites. There are more advanced learners who have a glorious website within a 60 day period. I need a mentor to get me there.

My academic sites are doing fine. Mentoring my students, they get what they need by searching my lessons with two words. I get them there.

Why can't this happen with my niche site? Is the key in writing content using low hanging keywords? Yes, according to Kyle. Just read this training for probably the third time. Use WA tools and Jaaxy in the past.

This past week got an email from one of my competitors using one word from my exact match domain. It's a Target Store site asking me to be an affiliate. Guess am getting noticed and start on my store linking with them.

Sure would be nice to know from our advanced programers here in the WA if they had someone get them to a timely top or if they benefit from the Google academy.

My Goal Setting Must Change

My goal is to get one WA site right using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics before I launch my bootcamp site. Going through Bootcamp training again to be sure. Dividing my time with my niche site. A new quadrant planner has to happen.

Can't emphasize enough, just as Kyle does, to focus on writing for your visitor as if talking to them and listening to their needs or wants. Been here at the WA for way over a year. I want to at least get close to approximate what I have earned in my academic field and beyond.

Getting to expert isn't easy. Get to the hoop, go through it without a goal point. Guess I should be happy at a less the 50% GA bounce rate, over 3 minute stay and a return to get free pdf downloads?

Hope this blog is not too confusing. I think I just need a little encouragement as I am relearning, reformatting, and ranking with little traffic and comments. Keep wondering as I write, edit and rewrite, is this what my reader really wants to know? Is my site as magnetizing as the last 10 I have looked at and commented on. Not.

Open for comments, critical thinking and suggestions. Please help, I want to help you too.

Want to be a better member to everyone I communicate with. I want to become a better helper when asked. I want to create training that will address a mindset similar to mine.

Brainy but not Techy.

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KatieMac Premium
Seems like you are doing a great job I am not very techy either
Trialynn Premium
That is great great insight, Caylynn. Glad you are prepared to go through the course, learn and apply.
cybridge Premium
Be reminded that, when we need to have a good rank in google... We need to have a good domain name with a good url extension such as .com, .biz, org, . net. because these url extension are one of the TOP-level and common use worldwide. When it comes to ranking, they are really good at it especially, with the keywords you use is searchable and easily to be find by our visitors or audiences.
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks for the Google share and insight. When I read between the lines, I could relate to you in that, my main site is totally out of sync when it comes to keywords and SEO. I get hundreds of comments each day but they are 100% spam.There are 0 unique visitors. But when I come here, I get hope and am like hey, in two years it might be different. My second website which will be promoting WA is going to take a whole 360 degrees and I won't approach it like my niche sight.Every post will be keyword researched and organized. I want to believe that you'll be fine and am here to cheer you along and same as you