WA Site Support Is Best In Industry!

Last Update: October 09, 2017

Just want to give a HUGE thank you to the WA Site Support team!

I've been with WA almost 3 years and every single time I have asked for help ... they have been here. They are fast, courteous, and they know their stuff. And thank goodness because I would've jumped ship long ago had it not been for them.

So kudos to them and just know (if you're reading this) that you are very much appreciated!

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MKearns Premium
It amazes me how Kyle and Carson have exceeded standards in such computer support!
JeanL Premium
I agree! I have asked for help several times and they are quick and get the problem solved. However, there has been a few lately that they weren't able to help me with and that's okay.
CathyS Premium
Did you reach out to the community? I'm happy to help if you haven't gotten it figure out. :-)
JeanL Premium
All figured out. Thanks though.
TheOldSilly Premium
I have to totally agree. I have been involved in many business groups, from MLMs to online biz opps, and never have I had this level of quick, efficient, and effective problem resolution. WA Support is the best I have ever had. Sending Kudos with you, Cathy!
I would like to know how does this works?
I have just signed in today for the first time.
CathyS Premium
Hi, Aleena!

The very first thing you'll need to do is update your profile. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/aleena2

After that's done, take a look at the left side of the screen. There's a visual that has five links to it, as follows:

Activity Dashboard (with gray background)
Certification (with green background)
Live Chat (with blue background)
Site Rubix (with light blue background)
Affiliate Bootcamp (with black background)

Click on Certification and you'll begin your very first lesson.

And that's how it works ...

Update your profile then start the courses and lessons (under Certification).

You'll find an awesome community here and we're willing to help.

God Bless!
Swangirl Premium
Yes! I could not log in to my site for half a day and when I finally contacted Site Support they had it fixed in 1 minute! Amazingly fast and efficient!