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And Co...Hi Everybody! Those of you who follow me know that I don't generally post tons here at WA. I just keep my mouth shut until there's something new to say. :-)Having said this, I searched here at WA for info about the company I'm gonna tell you about and didn't find anything (albiet a really quick search).So - if you've already heard about this, then please disregard. If you haven't heard about this company and you build websites or provide any solutions for other businesses, then I hope
Hi, Everybody!Perhaps there is a member here in the WA community who is interested in this ...Google is now offering an online course where you can earn certification. They call it the "Google IT Support Professional Certificate." It may be a great way to add even more credentials to your resume so your prospects and clients will have no doubt that you are always on the cutting edge and building your knowledge base.If you're interested, you can check it out here:
December 10, 2017
UPDATE:JHaugland bolded the click and discovered this about"I clicked on Avada theme for $5 (which is an excellent premium theme I have used for clients) and I got redirected to some Fiverr site that offered to install/sell backup software."Recommendation: is a site to steer clear from.Hi, Everybody!Just wondering if anybody has ever heard or, or purchased from,'ve got a theme I want to purchase for one of my sites, but al
Hi, Everybody! I'm wondering if you can help me out with this? I've not gotten anything like this before but since it targets WA, I thought you may be interested. Here's the background:I have a site called where we sell an online continuing education course to licensed massage therapists.The email pasted below was sent to me via email appears to be from, which is a legitimate website.However, the address from which the email was sent,
Just want to give a HUGE thank you to the WA Site Support team!I've been with WA almost 3 years and every single time I have asked for help ... they have been here. They are fast, courteous, and they know their stuff. And thank goodness because I would've jumped ship long ago had it not been for them.So kudos to them and just know (if you're reading this) that you are very much appreciated!
Hi, Y'all!Been working on a new website for sometime now ... it's been the biggest challenge yet because it's not related to affiliate marketing at all. This has resulted in my ranking dropping dramatically here at WA, but the lady can only do one thing at a time. :-)We will be providing monthly subscriptions on this site so we installed WooCommerce. And y'all know what? The more I get into this stuff the more I realize how much I just don't know.Previously, I'd asked for help with WooCommerce
Hi! If anyone has experience with WooCommerce, I would really appreciate your help. I'm very new to it and am stuck.We have created a plugin that allows service providers the ability to have site visitors schedule appointments directly on the client website. Our service packages include extras, but I can't get the products setup in WooCommerce.We have 4 packages (we call them "toolboxes.") They include:BasicEconomyStandardPremiumEach toolbox has a different price point and different products/se
Hi, Everybody!Recently, several WA members have made contact to find out if I'm still alive. Too funny ... just on overload working on my business.With this blog, I want to let you know what er're up to over here at SmithWorks Inc. (SWI) and more importantly, it would be awesome to hear how many of you are doing something just a little different with WA instead of affiliate marketing.Why We Are Where We AreFor us, the decision was made for us when our (then) new governor changed the tax code in
When you're new to this Internet Marketing thing, coding is likely the last thing on your mind. Too much other stuff to learn ... WordPress, layout, landing pages, funnels, images (the list goes on and on).Then eventually, you'll probably begin with come elementary coding. This is the super easy stuff that takes hardly more than a '<' or a '>'. :-)But eventually, you just may want to dig a little deeper. The question is, where do you start?Well, like lots of other things in the multi-ve
Hi Fellow WA-ers!On one of my websites, we want to provide site visitors with a way to create their own website (as WA does for us).I've no idea how to go about providing site visitors with themes for them to choose from. You know - we have visuals of loads of themes here at WA, right? On my site, we'll provide a dozen or so, but images of the themes need to be there so the site visitor can have something to choose from.This website's function is to help people who want to keep everything websi