Phishing Email - What Do You Think?

Last Update: November 06, 2017

Hi, Everybody!

I'm wondering if you can help me out with this? I've not gotten anything like this before but since it targets WA, I thought you may be interested. Here's the background:

  1. I have a site called where we sell an online continuing education course to licensed massage therapists.
  2. The email pasted below was sent to me via
  3. The email appears to be from, which is a legitimate website.
  4. However, the address from which the email was sent, is not a professional email.
  5. Here's the really weird part ... this guys says I'm linking to their site, but the link he has for my WA address doesn't belong to me; it belongs to another WA member. At the same time, he used the contact form at my website ( to email.

Could this just be a glitch or hiccup on their end, or, do you think this is some sort of phishing scam?

Here's the email I received. I really appreciate your input and expertise.

=====begin copy of email=====

Rob Wolfe <>

4:53 AMto support


Can you please help me out real quick with this issue?

You link to my company site on your site


linking to my site at

I would really appreciate you getting back on this ASAP, as it appears this link is hurting our both sites in Google.

Thanks in advance,

Rob Wolfe

=====end copy of email=====

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MarionBlack Premium
I checked the HTML and there's no link to that website on

It's up to you if you want to respond or just ignore it.
CathyS Premium
That's odd - it leads me to a link for a member that joined WA in 2014; a premium member with a current ranking of 2891.

The email seems like it has a possibility of being legit, but it's just too weird. :-)
MKearns Premium
Do a search on that link Kathy. I you find nothing or nothing good jettison. Any doubt leave it out!
CathyS Premium
Think I'll just leave it alone. If it's a real person, then maybe they'll send another email with a phone number. It's crazy, but little stuff like this drive me up a wall. Give me a huge problem and no sweat ... but little things really get under my skin. ugh! :-)